CONVERGE Workshop Series | Stakeholder mapping and landscape and market analysis

Tue 15 December 2020

With Hannes Rothe — professor for entrepreneurship at the Freie Universitaet Berlin

Understanding your stakeholders is vital to position your services or training in your local innovation ecosystem or in the global stage. This workshop will equip you with tools, tips and tricks on landscape analysis, stakeholder mapping and market analysis. You are encouraged to work on your own project during this workshop and you will receive immediate feedback from your peers and the trainer.

Hannes Rothe, who will accompany you throughout this workshop, is an entrepreneur with years of experience advising start-up companies and academics. He helps them understand their ecosystem and successfully position their products, research or services
Would you like to obtain his expert advice?

  • Get introduced to the topic and methodologies
  • Hands-on session. Identify how your institute/ELIXIR Node/project fits into your local ecosystem. You will take into consideration your city/area/country and all other stakeholders (particularly industry), who need or offer data management services.
  • Get feedback. Present your outcomes to the other participants

We are no longer accepting applications.

About the series

You asked — we deliver

Earlier this year, we run an industry and impact survey. Based on the results, we have put together a workshop series addressing the most voted topics: effective communication with different stakeholder groups, impact evaluation and stakeholder mapping.

  • This series of workshops are open to ELIXIR members only. They can attend either one of them or the entire series.
  • There is no need to travel! All courses will be held online.

Forthcoming workshops

  • January 2021 | Knowledge-exchange: best practices for communicating with funders and influential stakeholders
  • January 2021 | Introduction to performance and impact evaluation in the context of ELIXIR (part 1)
  • January 2021 | Introduction to performance and impact evaluation in the context of ELIXIR (part 2)
  • TBA | Effective Communication and engagement with industry stakeholders

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