ELIXIR Programme for 2024-2028 | Consultation event on Programme Outcomes

Tue 18 January 2022, 14:00


This 2 hour online event aims to provide ELIXIR Nodes with an opportunity to influence the main outcomes (and the text that describes those outcomes) for the upcoming ELIXIR Programme for 2024-2028


By ‘Outcomes’ we mean:

Five to six high-level statements that provide easily understandable descriptions of what ELIXIR will achieve by the end of the next Programme (Dec. 2028).   We will take the output from this consultation and use it to inform the development of the Programme descriptions, including key presentations with the Scientific Advisory Board and the ELIXIR Board in the first few months of 2022.  Ultimately the outcomes will appear early in the full Programme document and will be used extensively in other communications to help communicate what ELIXIR is trying to achieve.

Who is it for?

Any one part of ELIXIR and who has an interest in helping shape the 24-28 Programme outcomes and how we describe them.

Not available on this day? A recording of the event will be made available and we welcome feedback in this google document and via email up to January 31st 2022.

Event outputs

The slides from the event are available below. A copy of the recording will be made available after the event on the ELIXIR intranet (requires login).


Time CET Item
14:00 Welcome, housekeeping, introduction to the event, Susanna Repo, Head of Operations
14:10 Introduction to developing the ELIXIR Programme for 2024-2028, Jerry Lanfear, Head of Strategy

Presentation of draft Programme Outcomes, Jerry Lanfear

The draft Outcomes will be shared in summary, we will then revisit each statement in turn, with 10 - 15 minutes discussion about each one.  Attendees will be invited to comment on each outcome, including asking questions


Discussion, Susanna Repo

  • Do the Outcomes work as a set?
  • Can any be merged?
  • Are there higher priority areas we should try to capture?
15:50 Concluding remarks, Jerry Lanfear
16:00 Event ends

Please note: the event will be recorded and made available on the ELIXIR Intranet (requires login). Please contact susanna.repo [at] elixir-europe.org if you have any issue with this.



Mon 17 January 2022