ELIXIR Hungary

The Hungarian ELIXIR Node will include twelve different Hungarian universities and research institutes. The participating institutes represent five major scientific focus:

  • Human genomics
  • Proteomics
  • Agricultural genomics
  • Veterinary sciences and
  • Ecology.

The Node has not established a Service Delivery Plan yet, but it can be anticipated that:

  • Protein databases (e.g. IUPred, ANCHOR, UniTmp)
  • Biomarker assesment portals (e.g. G-2-O, Kaplan-Meier Plotter)
  • Data depositories (e.g. Hungarian Oncogenome Portal) and 
  • Virtual research environments (e.g. Kooplex)

will be part of it.

Joining ELIXIR, Hungary has the opportunity to strengthen collaboration among its diverse and scattered bioinformatics community. With the coordination of the resources at national level, the aforementioned services and tools will be more visible to the international research community. This goes hand in hand with the development of up to date bioinformatics courses in the education and training field.

For the membership announcement see the news story.

Technical Coordinator

Attila Gyenesei
Attila Gyenesei
(University of Pécs, Hungary)

Training Coordinator

No photo available
Zsuszanna Dosztanyi
(Eötvös University)

Head of Node

Gyorffy Balazs
Gyorffy Balazs
(Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

Technical Coordinator

Endre Barta
Endre Barta
(Agricultural Biotechnology Institute, Hungary)

Training Coordinator

Balint Balint
Balint Balint
(University of Debrecen)


Balázs Győrffy



Participating institutes

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