ELIXIR’s scientific legacy as a research infrastructure

To identify ELIXIR-supported publications, we mine EuropePMC using search terms on funding linked to ELIXIR, as well as on its achievements through its operation and projects.

ELIXIR partners collaborate to publish research articles (peer-reviewed and preprints) on the development and operation of bioinformatics resources encompassing databases, tools, cloud computing, standards and training. These publications highlight ELIXIR’s scientific legacy as a research infrastructure, and their citations by others (in the open literature) demonstrate the extent of ELIXIR’s contribution and appreciation by others. Some of the ELIXIR-supported publications are even cited in patents, further supporting their value to others. Note that indicators on this page exclude research articles which make use of ELIXIR resources. Access the full visualisations in tableau. Support from the EU-funded ELIXIR-CONVERGE project

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