ELIXIR Collaboration Agreement

The ELIXIR Collaboration Agreement is the legal document that grants the status of an ELIXIR Node to a national community in an ELIXIR member state. It ties together the ELIXIR Hub with the national Node, establishing general responsibilities, a baseline governance structure, and oversight of Node services. It enables the ELIXIR Hub to commission services (i.e., Commissioned Services) to ELIXIR Nodes and establishes framework conditions for the funding, with further details defined in separate funding agreements (i.e. Proposals of Funding).

The ELIXIR Board approved the original Collaboration Agreement template in 2014, which has since been revised. The updated version of this template, i.e. Collaboration Agreement 2024 template, is currently in use. Please contact legal [at] elixir-europe.org if you wish to request a copy of the Collaboration Agreement template 2024.

The Collaboration Agreement includes two Annexes:

Annex 1 Proposal of Funding Template*
*The template is adapted to each Commissioned Services project
The Proposal of Funding is an offer of funding for the provision of Commissioned Services issued by the ELIXIR Hub to the recipient Node institutes through a letter. It sets out the terms and conditions for the funding and delivery of Commissioned Services. The Commissioned Services Guidelines (Part 2 Award Phase) specify how to use the funding.
Annex 2 Amendment Change Log Template Records changes made to the original Collaboration Agreement between the ELIXIR Hub and the Node.