ELIXIR Collaboration Agreement

The ELIXIR Collaboration Agreement is the legal document that ties together the ELIXIR Hub with the national Node. It describes the role of the Node and the oversight of the Node services. The Collaboration Agreement template was approved by the ELIXIR Board in 2014.

The Collaboration Agreement includes four Annexes:

Annex 1Service Delivery PlanDefines ELIXIR Services provided by the Node. These are called Node-Funded Services.
Annex 2Commissioned Services ContractOutlines the Commissioned Services project carried out by the Node, funded through the ELIXIR Budget, and the Node’s responsibilities in the project.
Annex 3Hub Collaboration PlanOutlines services that the Hub provides to the Node.
Annex 4Warranties of the Lead InstituteDescribes the legal agreement that is in place between the institutes constituting a Node.