Exploiting Bioschemas Markup to Support ELIXIR Communities

This project aims to make data more discoverable for ELIXIR communities by exploiting Bioschemas markup deployed by data providers on their web resources.

  • Enable each community’s repositories and tools to exploit and benefit from Bioschemas markup;
  • Demonstrate the benefits of Bioschemas to community data providers and their applications; 
  • Provide a roadmap, training and best practice examples for other communities to encourage deployment of Bioschemas markup within ELIXIR communities;
  • Steer the development of the Bioschemas community by extending Schema.org and encouraging tool development. 


People involved: 

Alasdair J G Gray
Carole Goble
Nick Juty
Nicola Soranzo
Frederik Coppens
Bert Droesbeke
Cyril Pommier
Marc Hanauer
Raphaël Flores
Marco Roos
Célia Miguel
Inês Chaves
Daniel Faria
Silvio Tosatto
Ivan Mičetić
Damiano Piovesan
Zsuzsanna Dosztanyi
Sirarat Sarntivijai