Curation of Lipid Pathways by Domain Experts to Generate Open Access Biology Resources

The primary objective is to curate high-quality biochemical knowledge (reactions/enzymes/ genes) on lipid metabolism, working with lipid experts worldwide. The data will be housed in a shared resource created in partnership between two ELIXIR data services, LIPID MAPS (ELIXIR-UK), and WikiPathways (ELIXIR-NL).
To achieve this:

  • LIPID MAPS will establish expert teams representing LIPID MAPS lipid categories. Our recent “call for lipid experts” generated 50+ responses, and we have appointed expert leads to oversee data collection for 4 lipid categories.
  • For this project, initial focus will be on sphingolipids and sterols.
  • Experts will work with a curator to generate and sign-off content which will be assembled
  • using PathVisio/WikiPathways, an open access collaborative platform. The focus will be
  • mammals, but we look to include organisms such as plants, microbes, microalgae, yeast.
  • Content will be back-populated into the LIPID MAPS Structure and Reaction Databases to
  • generate an open resource for lipidomics.


1 January 2022 to 31 December 2023

Nodes involved: 


People involved: 

Robert Andrews
Egon Willighagen
Valerie O’Donnell
Matthew Conroy
Professor Ewa Swiezewska
Professor Ondrej Kuda
Professor Michael Witting
Dr Maria Fedorova
Professor William Griffiths
Professor Cedric Shackleton
Dr Lina Schiffer
Professor Alfred Merrill
Professor Dominic Campopiano
Professor Ed Dennis