Statement of condolences for Professor Jaroslav Koča

Picture of Professor Jaroslav Koča

It is with great sadness that ELIXIR announces the passing of Prof Jaroslav Koča. Jaroslav was a distinguished figure of Czech science and structural biology. He represented the Czech Republic in the ELIXIR Board for almost seven years and was a long-time chair of the ELIXIR-CZ Council.

He taught at universities in the USA, France and Norway. After his return to the Czech Republic, he became a founder of the CEITEC (the Central European Institute of Technology) in Brno. Jaroslav also published more than 200 original scientific papers in international journals and led dozens of doctoral students during his career. 

ELIXIR recognises his contribution to research infrastructures and the fields of bioinformatics, computational chemistry and structural and computational biology.

Wed 7 July 2021