New funding awarded to ELIXIR Norway

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ELIXIR Norway is among 19 national research infrastructures selected for funding by the Research Council of Norway. Together, these projects will be allocated NOK 1 billion (€104 million).

The funds prioritise 19 projects across trade and industry, health services, the environment and renewable energy. “The funding supports a general support infrastructure for Norwegian life science research, also supporting bioinformatics needs in the industry and government,” said Head of Node, Inge Jonassen.

Coordinated from the University of Bergen, the ELIXIR Norway Node has a focus on both marine sciences and health. ELIXIR Norway anticipates that Research Council funds will help make data more accessible both domestically and internationally.

“On the national arena we will be able to help more groups in dealing with large scale molecular biology data and help them share such data through existing open access repositories and databases,” Jonassen said. “The funding will allow us to continue contributing ELIXIR services comprising tools and data towards marine genomics and biomedicine.”

A grant from the Research Council of Norway for the period 2012-2017 initially supported the establishment of ELIXIR Norway, and allowed for the development of a national bioinformatics platform.

Visit the ELIXIR Norway page and Node site.

Mon 10 July 2017