First ELIXIR Node Applications now under preparation

ELIXIR Member States are currently preparing the first round of ELIXIR Node Applications from their countries.

This follows the agreement of a process, developed thoughout the summer of 2012 by a Working Group of the ELIXIR Interim Board, for the submission and review of the first round of ELIXIR Node Applications. The Working Group was Chaired by Tommi Nyrönen, the Finnish Scientific ELIXIR Interim Board Member.

The following process was agreed:

  • Each Member State is responsible for putting forward the Node Application from their respective country
  • The deadline for submitting the first stage Node Application is 15 October
  • Member States will present the Node Application from their country to the ELIXIR Interim Board during its October 2012 meeting
  • A second deadline of 12 November will allow Member States to add more detail to their Node Application should they wish
  • The ELIXIR Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) will review Node Applications during its meeting in December 2012 and make recommendations to the Interim Board
  • The ELIXIR Interim Board will make the final recommendation on Nodes during its meeting in April 2013
  • ELIXIR Nodes will come into effect following the approval of the full ELIXIR Board, subsequent to the signature of the International Consortium Agreement (ICA)

Further information on the ELIXIR Interim Board Members from each country is available here.

Thu 27 September 2012