Call for new members of the ELIXIR Industry Advisory Committee

The ELIXIR Board is inviting candidates from life science companies to join the ELIXIR Industry Advisory Committee (IAC). Given the current distribution of expertise within the committee applications are particularly encouraged from experts representing sectors of commercial provision of HPC and storage and cloud computing. 

Interested candidates should send a completed CV, as well as the completed IAC Nomination document to Joana Wingender (joana.wingender[at]elixir-europe[dot]org) Fri, 19 October 2018. The summaries of nominees’ CVs will be reviewed by the ELIXIR Board in November 2018. The ELIXIR Board will appoint two new candidates to the IAC: one appointment will take effect from November 2018, and one appointment will take effect from April 2019. 

Membership of IAC

To reflect the breadth of ELIXIR, the IAC should comprise industry representatives from user communities accessing ELIXIR resources as well as suppliers and publishers. The ELIXIR Board will look to appoint an IAC made up of members that collectively have skills and experience in all of the following areas:

  • Domain specific knowledge of the application areas supported by ELIXIR, i.e. plant sciences, agriculture- food & nutrition, marine, pharma, healthcare & diagnostics, toxicology, -omics sciences, biotechnology
  • Users of resources run by ELIXIR partners
  • The commercial provision of informatics services
  • SMEs
  • The commercial provision of HPC, storage and cloud computing
  • Scientific publishing

Further information on the role of the IAC and the process for appointment are available in the support document linked below:

- Supporting Document
- CV template for the nomination of new members of the ELIXIR IAC.

Mon 10 September 2018