Integrating epitranscriptomic data into the ELIXIR ecosystem (2022-23)

Epitranscriptome modifications are now emerging as important factors to fine tune gene expression and regulation. Among them, A-to-I RNA editing by ADAR enzymes plays relevant biological roles and has been linked to several human diseases. Thanks to deep transcriptome sequencing data, A-to-I events have been characterized at single nucleotide level and collected in the REDIportal database, a unique and specialized resource comprising about 16 millions of changes detected in more than 9000 human GTEx RNAseq data.

Here we plan to upgrade REDIportal providing researchers an accurate, sustainable and accessible epitranscriptome resource through its integration into the ELIXIR ecosystem. Such integration will be established through a standardization, curation and “FAIRification” of data in combination with interconnections to existing ELIXIR resources such as Ensembl, UniProt, RNAcentral and PRIDE. Our proposal will facilitate data interoperability and the study of epitranscriptome, a very relevant research topic yet under-represented in the ELIXIR community.


1 January 2022 to 31 December 2023

Nodes involved: