AAI engagement (2022-23)

The AAI task proposes to diversify the ELIXIR Compute Platform task 1 and the AAI IS 2021-2023 as follows:

  • The AAI Infrastructure Service 2022-2023 continues the operation and development of the ELIXIR AAI and its migration to LS AAI, as per the Infrastructure Service project plan 2021-2023
  • The ELIXIR Compute Platform task 1 assumes a role that focuses on engaging and networking with other Nodes, in order to encourage them to make more use of ELIXIR/LS AAI as being supported by EOSC-Life. This could cover, for instance
    • Regular developer calls with ELIXIR Node representatives (e.g. on ELIXIR AAI success stories)
    • Promotion of AAI services to Nodes (e.g. benefits of using the AAI)
    • Training for the ELIXIR development community
    • Collection of links to recommended tools and libraries for ELIXIR/LS AAI integration and related instructions
    • Small projects to help integrating new/popular services/tools to the ELIXIR AAI which can be proposed for inclusion in the EOSC-Life AAI
    • Promote the adoption of new technologies like GA4GH Passports, different approaches to strong authentication, AAI use with clouds etc
  • In collaboration with EOSC-Life (esp. Task WP5.2) this task will strengthen the position of ELIXIR AAI as an introducer and verifier of new concepts and technologies to be eventually implemented in the LS AAI. To achieve this, the task will establish a small community advisory group from across the BMS RIs that are collaborating with the EOSC-Life project to drive the next phase of AAI in the life-sciences.

The task could remain to be hosted at CZ and FI Nodes - but not necessarily led by the same people as the IS. This enables widening the participation in the CZ and FI nodes and guarantees that the engagement activities do not risk the resources allocated to the AAI service operations (through the IS and EOSC-Life projects).


1 January 2022 to 31 December 2023

Nodes involved: