Biodiversity Focus Group

Biodiversity is an increasingly important topic globally and is likely to receive a great deal of attention over the coming few years.  Many of the Nodes have an interest in aspects of the underlying data that support the measurement and understanding of Biodiversity. In May 2019, the ELIXIR HoNs committee agreed to establish a Working Group to better align ELIXIR’s work on Biodiversity across the Nodes and with other global initiatives in the domain.


  • Understand and catalogue the capabilities, interests and ongoing projects we have in this area across the ELIXIR Nodes
  • Develop appropriate connections with key external partners in the field (GBIF, DiSSCo, LifeWatch etc)
  • Recommend short term activities that will advance the field within ELIXIR, if required
  • Develop a longer term strategy for how this subject could be supported in ELIXIR
  • Coordinate ELIXIR aspects of potential grant applications

Current activities: 

  • Development of the support page that shows the wide variety of tools and services that can be used to support Biodiversity Research.
  • A Whitepaper is being written to highlight the opportunities for further infrastructure development in the field, particularly to link the molecular domain with the wider Biodiversity field.
  • Various focus group members are beneficiaries in the E.C. funded BiCIKL project, which will start in May 2021, and is aimed to create a wider Community in Europe that spans the Molecular, Literature, taxonomy, museum and other fields.

Group leaders: 

Mailing list: