ELIXIR Webinar: Increasing Interoperability between ELIXIR Protein Structure and Sequence Resources

Wed 18 September 2019, 14:00

The webinar presented the outcomes of the ELIXIR Implementation Study 'Increasing Interoperability between ELIXIR Protein Structure and Sequence Resources (CATH, SWISS-MODEL, PDBe and InterPro) and Expanding these Resources with 3D-Models of CATH Domains, built by SWISS-MODEL'.

The original aims of the Implementation Study were to increase interoperability between four ELIXIR resources (CATH, SWISS-MODEL, InterPro and PDBe), by building APIs that facilitate the import and export of data between them. The ultimate goal is to improve provision of 3D-Models for protein domain sequences via CATH, SWISS-MODEL and InterPro. This pipeline has been built and deployed and the results are already available in InterPro.

The webinar demonstrated the results of this pipeline and explained the overall approach of the project to developing and deploying a collaborative pipeline connecting large resources according to best practices. This includes technical decisions on considerations such as: API design, authentication, web application, worker queues, testing, containerisation, etc. but also data analysis and setting up reliable and repeatable benchmarks.

See also: Interoperability Platform, Data Platform