GOBLET/ELIXIR workshop for metagenomics training materials re-use

Thu 7 April 2016 to Fri 8 April 2016
EMBL-EBI, Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, CB1 1SD, United Kingdom

A ‘GOBLET/ELIXIR workshop for metagenomics training materials re-use will take place on 7-8 April 2016 in Hinxton.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together trainers and researchers working in the field of metagenomics from within Europe and beyond, to enhance the training network within this field.

The workshop will focus on the curation of training materials in the area of metagenomics data analysis, encompassing appropriate high-throughput sequencing workflows (genome assembly, annotation and analysis) and related subjects, such as phylogenetics and comparative genomics.

Participants are expected to bring to the workshop the training materials that they have developed in the domain of metagenomics data analysis.

The aim of the workshop will be to:

  •     Develop a collection of metagenomics training materials that are consistently described, to enable sharing and re-use of such materials across the training community;
  •     Define an approach for the curation of training materials for re-use through training portals and repositories such as TeSS and the GOBLET portal; and
  •     Link training materials to databases and standards in the BioSharing registry and tools in the ELIXIR Tools & Data Services Registry.

Funding is available for attendees that are not ELIXIR funded.

If you are interested in attending contact: gr231 [at] cam.ac.uk


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