Embedding Nodes’ perspectives to strengthen impact assessment capacity and approaches

Thu 12 March 2020, 09:00
Area della Ricerca CNR, Via Amendola 122, Bari, BA, 70126, Italy

*** Important update ***

Please note that, regrettably, this event has been cancelled, due to uncertainty relating to the coronavirus outbreak.

We hope to be able to reschedule the programme for May 18-20th 2020 in Bergen (Norway), and are investigating possible new dates for a further workshop in Bari (Italy) in the Autumn.

Any question, please contact Ana Portugal Melo ammelo[at]igc.gulbenkian[dot]pt

For issues related to Travel Grants awarded by the ELIXIR Hub, please contact Corinne Martin corinne.martin[at]elixir-europe[dot]org


Building on a first ‘brainstorm/scope/learn’ workshop that took place on 30 January 2020 in Lisbon, the follow-on workshop in Bari (12 March 2020) aims to develop and refine the understanding and approaches resulting from the first workshop. The third and final workshop of this series will take place in Bergen (19 May 2020), where approaches will be further tested and also showcased. 

If you are interested in this event, please contact Francesca de Leo for further information: f.deleo[at]ibiom.cnr[dot]it

Summary Programme: http://impact.biodata.pt/20200312_program.html