ELIXIR Webinar: Towards professionalising data stewardship

Tue 18 May 2021, 15:00

As part of the National Programme Open Science (NPOS), the "Professionalising data stewardship in the Netherlands" report was recently published.

This report provides arguments for urgent decisions and activities to ensure adequate data steward capacity in the Netherlands, in order to realise the ambitions for Open Science.

In this webinar presented the outcomes and recommendations of the project, together with details of how the Data Stewardship Competency Framework is contributing to activities in several Work Packages of ELIXIR-CONVERGE

Slides are available via Zenodo


  • Mijke Jetten, Marjan Grootveld, Annemie Mordant, Mascha Jansen, Margreet Bloemers, Margriet Miedema, & Celia W.G. van Gelder. (2021). Professionalising data stewardship in the Netherlands. Competences, training and education. Dutch roadmap towards national implementation of FAIR data stewardship. Zenodo
  • NPOS/ELIXIR Data Stewardship competency framework: https://competency.ebi.ac.uk



Programme: Mijke Jetten (mijke.jetten@dtls.nl)
Event administration: David Lloyd (david.lloyd@elixir-europe.org)


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