ELIXIR All Hands 2024

Mon 10 June 2024 to Wed 12 June 2024
Uppsala, Sweden

This is a landing page for the 2024 meeting. All details are to be confirmed, and will be on the All Hands Eventscase website.

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Workshops must be inclusive and consider diversity in all aspects, including speakers, hosts and participants, especially regarding balanced gender representation. Please encourage contributions from everyone using different techniques, such as small group discussions or platforms that allow anonymous participation, such as Sli.do. Most negative feedback from previous workshops often relates to a lack of dynamic engagement, i.e. too many back-to-back slide presentations.

Workshops will run as hybrid events, so efforts should be made to include remote attendees to a similar level as those in the room. 

Resources available

Each room will have a laptop computer, projector, screen, pointer for presentations and an OWL video conferencing camera. A Sli.do account is available on request to engage with the workshop participants, so please list this clearly in your agenda by 9 March. Late requests will be on a best effort basis. 

Due to space constraints, some of the workshop rooms this year have fixed seating. However, if you require a particular chair or table set-up, or require some specific resources, please send an email to allhands [at] elixir-europe.org (subject: Room%20Setup) by 15 May with the subject “[Room Setup]” and we will do our best to help. 

Each Workshop is provided with a Google Drive Folder, Leads should already have edit access. It will include a blank agenda pre-populated with the Title, Abstract and co-Lead names. Please use this document to plan the workshop structure, and upload any slide decks or other resources to the Folder and link to them from the agenda. The allocated day and start time of the workshop and dedicated Zoom links etc. will be added to the agenda by the Hub in due course. All workshops will be recorded and only made available to ELIXIR members on request.

There will be five parallel sessions of five workshops. Assuming similar attendance to previous years, you should anticipate up to 80 participants in person with a number joining remotely. Please visit rooms well ahead of your session to check the physical layout is suitable and to test for any technical or connection issues. Technical support will be available, but this will be shared between parallel workshops, so we ask for your patience and understanding. 

Any further questions please contact fabio.liberante [at] elixir-europe.org or david.lloyd [at] elixir-europe.org


In addition to the workshops, a smaller number of mini-symposia will be organised in separate sessions. These will function more as explorations of specific topics.


Successful submissions have been informed, the poster session will be on Tuesday 11 June (17:30-20:00). There is a guidance document available. 

Data Privacy

Data Privacy document 

Code of Conduct

The ELIXIR Code of Conduct has been created to ensure that people at ELIXIR events can interact with each other in a respectful and safe environment. It provides ways you can voice your concern if you believe there has been a breach to this Code of Conduct.

The ELIXIR Code of Conduct will be in place at this event.