3D-BioInfo Community webinar series

Structural bioinformatics provides methods and tools to analyse, predict, archive and validate the three-dimensional (3D) structure data of biomacromolecules such as proteins, RNA or DNA.

The specific 3D shapes of macromolecules allow them to perform many functions within cells. Understanding their structures is therefore crucial for understanding the interactions and functions of cells, which in turn opens up potential for innovations in biotechnology and drug development.

The 3D-BioInfo Community is concerned with improving the ontologies and validation tools for enabling better integration of the data and methods for analysing and predicting protein structures and their complexes.

This series of 10 webinars is organised by the ELIXIR 3D-BioInfo Community and will present the five major aims of the community around protein structural annotations, protein complexes, protein ligand interactions, protein nucleic acid interactions and protein engineering. The webinars will also highlight recent developments towards meeting these aims.

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Recordings will be available after each webinar.

FAIR Infrastructure for protein structural and functional annotations (3D-BioInfo Activity I)

29 June 2021 15:00 CEST


  • Overview of the 3D-Beacons project by Sameer Velankar (PDBe at EBI)   
  • 3D-Beacons client and API by Ian Sillitoe (UCL)
  • Model quality by Gerardo Tauriello (SIB)

For links to the slides and for other details please see the event page.

Open Resources for sharing, integrating and benchmarking software tools for modelling the Interactome in 3D (3D-BioInfo Activity II)

21 September 2021 15:00 CEST


  • A community-wide effort to improve annotations and organize information on macromolecular assemblies in the PDB by Shoshana Wodak (VIB-VUB, ELIXIR-BE)   
  • Benchmark datasets of physiological and non-physiological protein assemblies, derived using the QSBio and ProtCID resources for structural information on protein assemblies by Emmanuel Levy (Weizmann Institute, ELIXIR-IL) & Roland Dunbrack (Temple University)(UCL)
  • Performance of classifiers & scoring methods in discriminating between physiological and non-physiological protein interfaces (work in progress) by Hugo Schweke (Weizmann Institute, ELIXIR-IL)

For links to the slides and for other details please see the event page.

Development of models for protein-ligand interactions (3D-BioInfo Activity III)

19 October 2021 15:00 CEST


  • Development of models for protein-ligand interactions by Vincent Zoete (SIB, ELIXIR-CH)   
  • Development of reliable Benchmark Sets for Structure-Based Drug Designby by Ute Röhrig (UNIL, ELIXIR-CH)

For links to the slides and for other details please see the event page.


Please contact the Community Coordinator Katharina Heil (katharina.heil [at] elixir-europe.org).