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The Beacon project started by the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) in 2014, initially to test the willingness of international data owners to make available the smallest amount of information. A Beacon allows an anonymous query as to whether the dataset contains a genome with a given base at a particular coordinate, with a simple yes/no response. The Beacon Project had processed more than 1.5 million queries against at least 100,000 genomes held by more than 25 different organisations. 

For more information see the Beacon Project Website

The Beacon API v1.0 is an approved standard of GA4GH, described in a webinar 

Beacon v2 proposal opens the way for the design of simple but powerful "genomics API". 

Example query: Have you seen deletions in this region of Chr.9 in Glioblastomas from a juveline patient, in a dataset with unrestricted access? 

Beacon v2

Regular Activities 

Conference Call every 4th Tuesday, 3pm UK  Mailing list: beacon [at]
Agenda & notes in this rolling document

Slack Workspace:

Other Activities 

F2F Stockholm (7/3/2019) 
GA4GH-ELIXIR Beacon Security workshop (30/6/2016 - 1/7/2016) 


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