Integrating ELIXIR Luxembourg into ELIXIR activities

The ELIXIR Luxembourg Node focuses on the development of a European repository of integrated molecular and clinical/translational data, and providing high-performance oriented data access, computing services and long-term sustainability. In this Implementation Study, we will take part in ELIXIR Beacon, Local EGA, ELIXIR AAI and RD-Connect topics under ELIXIR Use Cases -  ‘Human Genomics and Translational Data’,  ‘Rare Disease’ and the ‘Compute Platform’ .

ELIXIR Luxembourg will provide Beacon data-discovery services for genomics data deposited in the Node and ensure a balance between efficient data sharing and data protection. The local EGA facilitates federated data environment, while the ELIXIR AAI provides flexible yet secure authentication and authorisation layer, so that the users from Luxembourg and all ELIXIR Nodes can access all the services in the Luxembourg Node through a single sign-on. ELIXIR Luxemburgh Node also has good working experience with tranSMART, thus this knowledge will be brough to RD-Connect and other similar projects in EXCELERATE and ELIXIR.

This study is associated with a number of ELIXIR Platforms, Communities and Projects: 


1 June 2017 to 30 November 2018

Nodes involved: