ELIXIR-CONVERGE deliverables

Number Name WP Due date
D1.1 Best Practices, version 1 WP1 January 2021
D1.2 Survey of business models WP1 January 2022
D1.3 A pan-European model for coordinated data management in life sciences WP1 July 2022
D1.4 ELIXIR Best Practices recommendations WP1 July 2022
D2.1 Report on the identified training needs and a timeline for training courses WP2 January 2021
D2.2 Report on the ready-to-use training materials for usage and rolling-out in Task 2.3 WP2 January 2023
D2.3 1st Report on delivered data management and stewardship courses WP2 January 2022
D2.4 2nd Report on delivered data management and stewardship courses WP2 January 2023
D2.5 Report on the outreach activities and training activities produced WP2 January 2023
D3.1 Assembled starter toolkit WP3 July 2020
D3.2 Toolkit extension based on first wave demonstrators WP3 July 2021
D3.3 Single entry-point portal for the toolkit for all stakeholders WP3 July 2022
D3.4 Dissemination of the toolkit across the European Research Area (ERA) WP3 November 2022
D3.5 Extended toolkit WP3 January 2023
D4.1 Industry engagement wiki guide for ELIXIR Nodes WP4 January 2022
D4.2 Updated ELIXIR Long-term Sustainability Plan WP4 September 2022
D4.3 Review of effectiveness of the Node Impact Assessment Toolkit WP4 January 2023
D5.1 Categorisation of the pilot projects WP5 January 2021
D5.2 Report on the first two DMP process WP5 July 2021
D5.3 Report on the dedicated training and capacity building activities WP5 September 2022
D5.4 Report on KPI WP5 November 2022
D5.5 Report on the remaining four DMP processes WP5 January 2023
D6.1 Project Handbook 1v0 WP6 April 2020
D6.2 Project Data Management Plan WP6 July 2020
D6.3 Project Handbook 2v0 WP6 May 2021
D6.4 Project Handbook final version and lesson learnt WP6 November 2022
D7.1 Report of use-cases and architecture for the EGA federation WP7 January 2021
D7.2 COVID-19 metadata mapping model across COVID-19 studies in federated EGA) WP7 January 2021
D7.3 Implementation and documentation to create an operational EGA node WP7 January 2021
D7.4 Report on operational processes across the federated EGA network and data transfer with the European COVID-19 platform WP7 July 2021
D8.1 Access to EU tools and project data WP8 October 2020
D8.2 Workshop to explore and plan the inclusion of tools and data from projects that have diverted towards COVID-19 research WP8 March 2021
D8.3 Raw sequence data processing workflow in operation WP8 December 2020
D8.4 Phylogenetic tools and enhanced results visualisation WP8 March 2021
D8.5 Data access points and tools WP8 January 2022
D9.1 Report on mobilised sequence and variation data WP9 March 2023
D9.2 Document where code from the various regional/national data hubs is available; links to analysis tools made available to Data Hubs; training documentation on data submission by the platforms WP9 May 2023
D9.3 Best practices documents on data standards WP9 July 2023