ELIXIR and GOBLET publish joint training strategy

GOBLET (Global Organisation for Bioinformatics Learning, Education and Training) and ELIXIR have formed a Joint Training Strategy, which sets out how the two initiatives will collaborate on training going forward. 

Developed on behalf of ELIXIR by the Training Coordinator's Group (TrCG), the Strategy sets out the areas for collaboration, including: 

  • ELIXIR's emerging TeSS portal for training resources and GOBLET's training portal;
  • Collaboration on train-the-trainer and train-the-researcher activities, with first events planned for 2016;
  • Joint exploration of training 'accreditation' mechanisms; and  
  • Sharing of best practice and expertise on professionalising bioinformatics training. 

ELIXIR Goblet Joint Training Strategy


The mission of GOBLET is to provide a global, sustainable support and networking infrastructure for bioinformatics trainers and trainees.  Further information on GOBLET is available here.  

Mon 20 April 2015