Comparison, benchmarking and dissemination of proteomics data analysis pipelines

This project will be led by the ELIXIR Proteomics Community in collaboration with members of the Metabolomics Community and three ELIXIR platforms. High-throughput proteomics has become a popular choice in biological, biomedical and clinical studies and led to the development of hundreds of bioinformatics tools and data analysis pipelines. Given their large diversity, there is a urgent need to compare and benchmark different software pipelines over a large data spectrum.

This study aims to create the framework to benchmark proteomics data analysis workflows, to be built upon and improve resources from ELIXIR Tool, Data and Compute platforms by creating an interface between them linked with public proteomics data and open source stand-alone software and pipelines.

The involved data will be annotated with at least EOSC minimum information according to ELIXIR metadata standards. Our benchmarking will identify robust workflows and therefore nurture the proteomics community with high quality standards required for reproducible research and clinical applications.