ELIXIR Webinar: Access to Sensitive Human Data with the ELIXIR AAI

Wed 23 May 2018, 14:00

The ELIXIR Human Data Use Case together with the Compute Platform (ELIXIR AAI) will present a solution to enforce access to sensitive datasets in a distributed environment (for instance, the IaaS clouds). The ELIXIR Sensitive human data user community has scenarios where researchers’ permissions to access datasets are managed in a central database (like EGA) but their access control needs to be enforced in a distributed environment (e.g. IaaS clouds provided by different ELIXIR Nodes). EXCELERATE WP9 together with the ELIXIR AAI Task has developed a standards (OAuth2) based architecture to meet this requirement.

In the webinar, Mikael Linden (ELIXIR AAI co-chair) and Juha Törnroos (EXCELERATE WP9) will present the ELIXIR AAI Permissions API and demonstrate how it is used to manage access to EGA dataset replica in the ELIXIR Finland cloud.

See also: Compute Platform, EXCELERATE