Swiss German Galaxy Tour/Day 2016

Thu 20 October 2016 to Fri 21 October 2016
Freiburg, Germany
Swiss German Galaxy Tour/Day 2016

After the big success of the 'Swiss German Galaxy Tour' in 2014, we are going to organize a similar event again in October this year. This time we are meeting for two days in Freiburg, Germany (see the Galaxy wiki).

It is our great pleasure to announce that Dannon Baker, a core developer of the Galaxy team from Johns Hopkins, will join us again on both days.

Like last time, the aim is to discuss the status of the Galaxy project, new developments, interface to other systems, extensions and best practice in reproducible research. We also welcome participants who are using other workflow management systems and tool developers who are looking for such systems to offer their tools to a wider audience.


Thursday 20 October: 3rd Swiss Galaxy Workshop

We intend to have a full day of talks by you. We encourage you to design your talk problem-centric and use the experience of other participants to solve them. Please provide a preliminary title for a 20-minute talk or a short presentation when you register.

Friday 21 October: 2nd German Galaxy Developer Workshop

This day is more on the technical side, with presentations and hands on exercises. Please provide suggestion for topics to be covered during this day when you register.

Registration is now open (spaces are limited). We recommend you register soon to secure your spot on one or both days of the SG2016Tour:

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