ELIXIR Webinar: The transfer of large volumes of electronic, confidential, human data

Mon 13 November 2017, 14:30

In the webinar, the ELIXIR Compute platform showcases how ELIXIR supports transfer of large volumes of confidential, electronic, human data, while maintaining appropriate access rights. It gives an overview of an improved support to researchers in accessing and processing sensitive data from European Genome-Phenome Archive (EGA).

The demonstration presents a scenario where a researcher first discovers data through the central EGA website. The researcher is then directed to use ELIXIR Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (ELIXIR AAI) to apply for the data access. The application is communicated to the appropriate Data Access Committee (DAC), and access is granted.

To store and analyse the data, the researcher can use local storage and computing resources made available  from a distributed ELIXIR cloud service: The researcher requests the ELIXIR Node offering the cloud service to transfer the dataset from the EGA data resource to the cloud service. Transferred data are then validated and moved to a secure location accessible to the cloud virtual machines. The ELIXIR cloud service notifies the researcher when the data are ready to be used. The researcher will then gain access to the data by authenticating with ELIXIR AAI, which links information that a valid DAC approval is associated with the researchers electronic identity.

This is a demonstrator of the ELIXIR Compute Platform and a deliverable under ELIXIR EXCELERATE.

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