ELIXIR Webinar: FAIRification of Genomic Tracks

Wed 6 November 2019, 14:00

This ELIXIR webinar presented the ELIXIR Implementation study FAIRification of Genomic Tracks which focused on “FAIRifying” all metadata related to genomic annotation track files.

The study modelled a comprehensive JSON Schema that structures the most important metadata of genomic tracks. Taking a highly practical approach to interoperability, the project developed a (1) proof-of-concept of the full interoperability chain from end to end, supporting deposit of track metadata in the TrackHub registry; (2) advanced search capabilities through the newly developed TrackFind service (Web based tool/REST API); as well as  (3) metadata search/data import through clients in end-user analysis tools (GSuite HyperBrowser, EPICO).


See also: Interoperability Platform