ELIXIR Webinar: Exploring structural and functional annotations of IDPs with DisProt

Tue 23 August 2022, 14:00

Outline the key features of a DisProt entry​

  1. DisProt entry key features:
    • General info
    • Feature viewer
    • Annotations of disorder aspects (structural state, transitions, functions GO and functions IDPO)
  2. How to perform complex searches in DisProt 
    • Identify and describe protein functions with the Browse search functionalities:
    • Customize columns to look for specific functions
    • Finding the IDPO terms
    • Describe and analyze thematic datasets
  3. How to download the output of a search in DisProt

This is part of a webinar series by the IDP Community:


  • Federica Quaglia (Department of Biomedical Sciences (DBS), University of Padova)