2015 ELIXIR all-hands meeting

Sun 29 March 2015 to Mon 30 March 2015
Hinxton, United Kingdom
This will be an open meeting for representatives of ELIXIR Nodes and we are planning for a meeting of up to 100 attendees. The programme will encompass plenaries, updates on the pilot actions, as well as breakouts to plan for 2016.

To facilitate travel in and out of Hinxton, we would plan to start the official programme at lunchtime on Monday 30th and finish at 16:00 on Tuesday 31st. Due to the large numbers of attendees, we will look to provide transfers between Campus and the local/London airports.

Although the official programme will not start until the Monday lunchtime, do let us know your travel plans in due course as we will look to provide options for informal workshops/hackathons for those who need to travel on the Sunday night and thus will be here on the Monday morning.

Availability of Hub budget funds allow for the Hub to cover the accommodation costs of the Heads of Nodes, Technical Coordinators and Training Coordinators, in view of which we would kindly ask that you fund the attendance of additional attendees.

In order that we can get an idea of numbers, please indicate your intention to attend this meeting here by Friday 9 January. Do also make a note at the Google form of any suggestions for short, 2h breakout sessions/mini workshops as we will look to build several of these into the programme.