ELIXIR's International Strategy

Cover page of the ELIXIR International Strategy

ELIXIR's International Strategy describes what ELIXIR is doing to reinforce its global significance and impact. Here, the term ‘International’ means ‘beyond Europe’, with ‘Europe’ being defined as the countries of the European Research Area (ERA).

The Strategy is framed around four main objectives:

  1. scale-up the international user base of ELIXIR’s Services,
  2. improve bioinformatics services by promoting global standards, data-sharing and data annotation,
  3. expand international Membership in, and collaborations with, ELIXIR, and
  4. reinforce recognition of ELIXIR as an infrastructure of global significance, and a trusted partner.

The work of ELIXIR is articulated around the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Research infrastructures indeed play a critical role in supporting bioinformatics applications in the fields of health (e.g. personalised medicine, epidemics monitoring), food security (e.g. aquaculture, crop development) and the environment (e.g. biodiversity knowledge, pollution remediation), which have significant societal and economic benefits.

If you wish to get involved, contact Dr. Corinne Martin, ELIXIR External Relations Officer:

Publication date: 

22 August 2019