EXCELERATE WP9: Secure archiving, dissemination and analysis of human access-controlled data

Work Package leaders: Serena Scollen (ELIXIR Hub) , Jordi Rambla (ES) and Thomas Keane (EMBL-EBI)

The Human data Use Case brings together the European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA) and other partners to provide an ELIXIR platform for access-controlled human biomedical data.

It will deliver an ELIXIR workflow for the long-term storage and re-use of human biomedical data accessible. This workflow and supporting infrastructure will allow the data owners to focus on their unique areas of data generation and analysis expertise while being able to rely on EGA and the ELIXIR infrastructure for their common –omics big data storage, coordination and distribution needs within appropriate legal frameworks.

The Use Case has three objectives:

  • Upgrade and make more portable -omics data collection and submission tools,  using the EGA as the core of an ELIXIR secure data sharing network for -omics data
  • Establish ELIXIR-wide community facing tools to allow local resource owners and developers of project specific, regional, or national resources to add value to their systems through data and metadata services from the EGA
  • Extend and generalise access authorization management and high volume secure data transfer systems developed in the EGA to address the secure data access needs across ELIXIR resources, and open new modes of secure data access such as through public and private clouds

See also the Human Data Community page.