EXCELERATE WP11: ELIXIR Training Programme

WP leadership team: Patricia Palagi (CH), Celia van Gelder (NL) and Gabriella Rustici (UK)

Work Package 11 kick-off meeting
WP11 kick off meeting
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The Training platform will train European researchers active within the ELIXIR-EXCELERATE communities (WP6 to 9), providing them with skills to effectively exploit the data, tools, standards and compute infrastructure offered by ELIXIR.

The specific objectives of the platform are:

  • Build a sustainable training infrastructure for ELIXIR’s community, based on ELIXIR's TeSS (Training eSupport System) portal 
  • Develop and deliver training in topics selected as training gaps within the ELIXIR community and in selected areas (namely the ELIXIR-EXCELERATE Use Cases)
  • Develop Good practice guidelines and training evaluation system

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