French Academic Cloud

IFB is currently setting up a federation of Clouds, with a unique entry point, based on a network of distributed regional IT facilities structured around a large national IT facility. The distributed nature of the federation is designed to facilitate data flows (regional PFs are the network entry points in their regions).

On this network, IFB will develop a distributed storage system (based on proven techniques: iRODS, S3 object storage, etc.) to allow sharing of public data collections and easy transfer of users’ data. This federation includes hardware (CPU, disks, RAM, network) but must also allow an easy access to the many collections of data used in Life Sciences and the numerous bioinformatics tools required to analyse the Life Science data (by providing a national portfolio of bioinformatics images).

To summarize, IFB is setting up a High Throughput Computing infrastructure focusing on Life Science data sharing, analysis and integration that is complementary to the national High Performance Computing centres that mainly emphasize computing.


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Christophe Blanchet

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