A BYOD (Bring Your Own Data) is a three day event that brings together data owners, domain experts (most often biologists and chemists) and FAIR data experts (and their trainees) working on selected data set(s). The main goal of a BYOD is to make the data FAIR using linked data technology, and combining it with other already FAIR datasets to answer the driving scientific question.  

Data owners present the data (or a representative sample) they wish to make FAIR and get two days of undivided attention of the data and domain experts. These experts have extensive knowledge about FAIR data formats and principles, and support the data owners in choosing the optimal data model. They also make sure that FAIR linked data is produced. Domain experts can assist the data owners and data experts to solve intellectually challenging data modelling issues and to demonstrate the added value of FAIR data in answering selected research questions.  

Since each BYOD brings together a unique combination of data owners and data sets a tailored programme is set up with the experts.


  • Coordinating and planning the organisation of BYOD workshops in ELIXIR
  • Exchanging best practices
  • Sharing expertise and experts between countries
  • Coupling with the training platform to ensure future scalability of the model in ELIXIR

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Lists of planning and reports for all BYOD meetings (for ELIXIR EXCELERATE and all other projects that run these meetings) are maintained by DTL.

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