The objective of achieving interoperability of scientific data must be founded upon the consistent use of unique, standardised and persistent identifiers. Data records, particularly within life sciences, are also commonly exposed on the web. When supplemented with appropriate metadata, the visibility and hence discoverability of these records additionally promotes their FAIRness, and facilitates their reuse.

Global Partnerships: The ELIXIR Identifiers Working Group is actively collaborating with: DCIP, RDA, EOSCpilot project, DataCite, THOR/FREYA, NIH DCPPC, the Resource Identification Initiative (Force11), the California Digital Library (CDL) through EZID and EMBL-EBI through

The overarching goal of 'Identifiers Working Group' is to describe and promote best practice with respect to identifiers, and to support their adoption.

A good published review for this topic can be found in this recent PLOS paper.

Implementation Studies

ELIXIR funds a number of short term, technical projects (Implementation Studies) that to inform future service development, drive standards adoption and engage the Nodes.


  • To promote standardisation, authorities and best practice adoption for identifiers in ELIXIR
  • To develop services for the minting, resolution, mapping, and citation of identifiers
  • To work with international initiatives on standardising identifiers

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2 August 2016

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Open to anyone.

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We are currently working on collecting information on identifiers for the ELIXIR website. If you have anything to add here, or comments on the posted material, please get in touch!

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