ELIXIR announces initial list of Core Data Resources and Deposition Databases

ELIXIR today publishes the initial list of ELIXIR Core Data Resources - data resources of fundamental importance to the life science community and the long-term preservation of biological data. The ELIXIR Core Data Resources serve as a mark of the...Read more
Posted: Mon 24 July 2017

Supporting best practices for open source software development

A new paper published in the ELIXIR F1000 Research channel encourages developers, research institutes and companies to adopt four best practices for open source development of life science research software. The recommendations provide practical suggestions based on the Open Source...Read more
Posted: Fri 14 July 2017

New funding awarded to ELIXIR Norway

ELIXIR Norway is among 19 national research infrastructures selected for funding by the Research Council of Norway . Together, these projects will be allocated NOK 1 billion (€104 million). The funds prioritise 19 projects across trade and industry, health services,...Read more
Posted: Mon 10 July 2017

Supporting metagenomics training

Metagenomics is the study of genetic material recovered directly from environmental samples. It studies microorganisms that share a specific living space like sea, human gut or soil. It has applications in many research fields, ranging from microbial proteins in biotechnology...Read more
Posted: Mon 3 July 2017

ELIXIR Publishes its 2016 Annual Report

ELIXIR has released its 2016 Annual Report highlighting the major achievements of 2016 and illustrating the growth and maturity of ELIXIR's services. It also shows progress made towards the priorities of the current ELIXIR Scientific Programme 2014-2018 and sets the...Read more
Posted: Mon 3 July 2017

ELIXIR launches staff exchange programme

ELIXIR has launched the first Call for Staff Exchange projects between ELIXIR Nodes. The purpose of the ELIXIR Staff Exchange programme is to support capacity building in ELIXIR Nodes and the exchange of best practices in bioinformatics service provision. The...Read more
Posted: Mon 26 June 2017

Supporting public-private partnerships in genomics and health

Over 80 participants from industry and academia gathered in Barcelona on 6-7 June for the ELIXIR Innovation and SME forum. Hosted by ELIXIR Spain, the two-day event showcased successful companies making use of public bioinformatics resources, and presented free bioinformatics...Read more
Posted: Thu 8 June 2017

ELIXIR Hub boosts its capacity in Human Genomics and Translational Data

We are pleased to announce that Susheel Varma has joined the ELIXIR Hub as Technical Coordinator for Human Genomics and Translational Data. Susheel will provide technical knowledge and expertise to develop and coordinate services within the Human Genomics and Translational...Read more
Posted: Wed 7 June 2017

Building Galaxy training capacity

ELIXIR-EXCELERATE, GOBLET and the Galaxy Training Network , organised a joint hackathon on Galaxy training material re-use in Cambridge, UK, on 22-24 May. Galaxy is a well-established web platform for data analysis in bioinformatics; the three-day event brought together people...Read more
Posted: Mon 5 June 2017

Call for new members of the ELIXIR Industry Advisory Committee

The ELIXIR Board is inviting candidates from life science companies to join the ELIXIR Industry Advisory Committee (IAC). Given the current distribution of expertise within the committee applications are particularly encouraged from experts representing SMEs and large companies in the...Read more
Posted: Tue 16 May 2017

ELIXIR Board meeting: 2017 Spring session

The ELIXIR Board held it's seventh meeting last week on 24-25 April in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The main items approved included the updated Work Plan and Budget for the ELIXIR Hub in 2017, the 2016 Annual Report, the principles for...Read more
Posted: Fri 28 April 2017

Status of ELIXIR following UK's decision to leave the EU

Today, the UK Government triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and formally launched the process to leave the European Union. ELIXIR would like to clarify that this process and its outcome will not affect the legal or organisational status...Read more
Posted: Wed 29 March 2017

ELIXIR community meets in Rome: ELIXIR 2017 All Hands meeting, 21-23 March

ELIXIR held its 3rd All Hands meeting last week in Rome, Italy. Hosting nearly 300 participants from ELIXIR Nodes and partner organisations, the meeting presented the work of ELIXIR Platforms and Use Cases and reviewed the progress over the past...Read more
Posted: Mon 27 March 2017

Statement of condolences for Anna Tramontano

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Prof. Anna Tramontano. As Chair Professor of Biochemistry at ‘Sapienza' University in Rome, Anna’s contribution to the field of bioinformatics and computational biology is...Read more
Posted: Mon 13 March 2017

ELIXIR Hub welcomes new members to team

ELIXIR is pleased to announce the appointment of Rachel Drysdale and Juan Arenas Márquez as ELIXIR Data Platform Coordinator and ELIXIR-EXCELERATE Project Manager. As ELIXIR Data Platform Coordinator, Rachel Drysdale will work closely with the Data Platform leadership team, coordinating...Read more
Posted: Fri 10 March 2017

ELIXIR among signatories of Call for action for global coalition to sustain core data resources

The leaders of major international life-science data resources have today called for a global coalition ‘to collectively support (...) data resources deemed essential to the work of life science researchers, educators, and innovators worldwide'. The signatories of the Call for...Read more
Posted: Wed 8 March 2017

Supporting Innovation in Genomics and Health

ELIXIR, ELIXIR Finland and ELIXIR Estonia held a successful two-day ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum in Helsinki on 27-28 March 2017. The two-day event presented some of the bioinformatics resources in Genomics and Health available through ELIXIR and showcased several...Read more
Posted: Tue 28 February 2017

ELIXIR Beacons to facilitate sharing of genomics data in Europe

Scientists across the world can now discover and query data from genomics projects in six different countries in Europe. This has been a success of the ELIXIR collaboration with the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) on the Beacon...Read more
Posted: Mon 27 February 2017

BioSchemas supports the discovery of public datasets

Guidelines recently published by Google for the discovery of science datasets help data providers to describe their datasets in a structured way using, enabling internet search engines to find and index rich metadata to better present scientific datasets. The...Read more
Posted: Fri 3 February 2017

ELIXIR publishes Position Paper on Interim Evaluation of Horizon 2020

In response to European Union's public consultation on the interim evaluation of Horizon 2020, ELIXIR has published its Position Paper on Horizon 2020, the European Union's funding programme for research and development. The Paper includes recommendations that could be adopted...Read more
Posted: Fri 13 January 2017


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