ELIXIR Spain launches tool to study the 3D structure of SARS-CoV-2 proteins

The ELIXIR Node in Spain has created a new COVID-19 tool for 3DBIONOTES-WS Today, the Spanish National Centre for Biotechnology (CNB-CSIC), part of the ELIXIR Spanish Node, launches the 3DBIONOTES-COVID19 tool. The resource is integrated into 3DBIONOTES-WS, a web-based application...Read more
Posted: Mon 4 May 2020

The ELIXIR Bioinformatics Industry Forum goes virtual

The 2020 ELIXIR Bioinformatics Industry Forum — What’s brewing in bioinformatics? Online events have always been an option. However, with the current travel restrictions, virtual conferences have become an opportunity to explore what will most likely be the future —...Read more
Posted: Thu 30 April 2020

ELIXIR announces Horizon Europe Missions efforts

Today, ELIXIR published Horizon Europe Mission factsheets presenting how its efforts can be used by researchers working in three of the proposed Missions of the Horizon Europe Framework Programme : Cancer Soil health and food Healthy oceans, seas, coastal and...Read more
Posted: Tue 21 April 2020

New resource to highlight national efforts against COVID-19 across ELIXIR

Over the last two months, ELIXIR Nodes have reacted swiftly and promptly to support researchers in their combined efforts against the pandemic. We recently listed the bioinformatics services within ELIXIR available to researchers to assist all COVID-19 projects. In addition...Read more
Posted: Tue 21 April 2020

Hacking the pandemic

Global research community meets online to develop tools for COVID-19 analysis Over 500 scientists, software developers and clinicians joined forces in the COVID-19 virtual Biohackathon to develop new tools for working with the COVID-19 data. The outcomes of the event...Read more
Posted: Tue 14 April 2020

ELIXIR’s services to support COVID-19 research

The global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to many organisations and individual bioinformaticians creating a plethora of data visualisation tools , dashboards and phylogeny maps in an attempt to share accurate data, speed up research efforts, and ultimately find solutions...Read more
Posted: Tue 24 March 2020

Open collaborative infrastructure to tackle public health emergencies

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus highlights the need for an open analytics environment so that the global research community can collaborate on developing effective countermeasures. (27 February, Hinxton, UK) Open access data and open, reproducible analytics are crucial...Read more
Posted: Thu 27 February 2020

Exciting progress in the ELIXIR Galaxy community

Galaxy Europe ( ) provides a free data analysis environment for the growing number of life science researchers. Less than two years from its launch, the platform boasts over 12,000 unique users who executed more than six million analysis...Read more
Posted: Mon 10 February 2020

ELIXIR-CONVERGE — a new project to streamline data management practices

From accelerating to converging After the completion of the successful ELIXIR-EXCELERATE project , which provided ELIXIR with solid foundations, today ELIXIR kicks off a new project to support the provision of data management across Europe. ELIXIR-CONVERGE , a €5 million...Read more
Posted: Fri 31 January 2020

ELIXIR welcomes six new Platform Leads

We are pleased to announce six new ELIXIR Platform Leads who will be taking up their roles from January 2020. We welcome the new additions, and thank those departing for their contributions over the years. Each of ELIXIR’s five Platforms...Read more
Posted: Thu 12 December 2019

Driving innovation through data management

Researchers from industry and academia gathered in Milan, Italy on the 27- 28 November 2019 to discuss challenges and opportunities in data management in the life sciences at the latest ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum. Over 70 participants attended the...Read more
Posted: Thu 12 December 2019

Hackers meet to develop life science resources

Over 150 bioinformaticians, trainers, software developers and life science enthusiasts travelled from 21 countries across four continents to gather together in Paris, France, for BioHackathon Europe. Participants spent a week in November working collaboratively on over 30 projects aimed at...Read more
Posted: Fri 6 December 2019

Germany scales up bioinformatics training

de.NBI - the German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure , which acts as ELIXIR Germany - organised over 250 training courses between 2015-2019 with more than 5,200 participants from Germany and beyond. This is one of the main findings from a...Read more
Posted: Fri 15 November 2019

ELIXIR extends support for BioContainers

Building on the success of the 2018 ELIXIR Implementation Study on BioContainers , an open-source registry for over 81,000 life science research related containerised tools, ELIXIR has launched three follow-up projects to progress and maintain the work in this valuable...Read more
Posted: Fri 8 November 2019

Public data and entrepreneurship in the life sciences

ELIXIR welcomed two external experts on entrepreneurship and bio data, Hannes Rothe and Sirkka Jarvenpaa , to Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, to deliver a talk and discussion on the value of public data for entrepreneurs in the life sciences. Presenting to a...Read more
Posted: Thu 7 November 2019

Connecting data for better healthcare

Scientists from academia and industry gathered in Utrecht, Netherlands at the latest ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum last week to discuss the challenges at the forefront of data analysis in healthcare. Re-using and combining datasets has become a common practice...Read more
Posted: Fri 18 October 2019

ELIXIR as a global actor in bioinformatics training

ELIXIR trainers and training materials help to build bioinformatics capacity worldwide The rapid growth in the volume and diversity of biological data promise a better understanding of the basic biological processes. But to analyse these data and transform this information...Read more
Posted: Tue 8 October 2019

ELIXIR strengthens global collaborations

ELIXIR’s International Strategy has been updated for 2019. This publication documents the far reaching work carried out by ELIXIR Hub and Node staff to strengthen relationships with countries, initiatives and users beyond Europe. Within the past year we have been...Read more
Posted: Fri 20 September 2019

Three new ELIXIR Communities established

Structural bioinformatics, Intrinsically disordered proteins and Microbial biotechnology - these are the domains of three newly established ELIXIR Communities. Following the approval of the Communities' work plans by the ELIXIR Head of Nodes Committee, the three Communities are now starting...Read more
Posted: Thu 12 September 2019

ELIXIR's Industry events a success

Results from a long-term survey and review of the ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forums - specialised events for life science companies and academics - have revealed an overwhelmingly positive impact of the events, with over 93% of participants stating they...Read more
Posted: Fri 6 September 2019


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