ESFRI BMS produce postion paper on Horizon 2020

ELIXIR is one of 13 ESFRI research infrastructures from the biomedical sciences. Together, these research infrastructures have produced a position paper on Horizon 2020 calling for a larger budget for Research Infrastrucutres, and for sustainable investment from the European Commission...Read more
Posted: Wed 17 October 2012

ELIXIR Founding Director Vacancy Now Open

The post of ELIXIR Founding Director is now open for applications. The closing date is 1 July 2012. Further information on the post, including links to the on-line application forms, are available here .Read more
Posted: Thu 31 May 2012

ELIXIR paper published in Trends in Biotechnology

A paper on ELIXIR, co-authored by Professor Janet Thornton the ELIXIR Preparatory Phase Coordinator, has been published in the March 2012 edition of the journal 'Trends in Biotechnology'. The paper is entitled 'ELIXIR: A distributed infrastrucutre for European biological data'...Read more
Posted: Tue 3 April 2012

Spring edition of Informed now available

The Spring 2012 edition of Informed , ELIXIR's eNewsletter is now available here . This edition includes articles on the process for reviewing and selecting ELIXIR Nodes, includes news on the latest country to join and has an extended feature...Read more
Posted: Mon 2 April 2012


ELIXIR was well represented at the 2012 ICRI conference in Copenhagen. Professor Janet Thornton, the ELIXIR Preparatory Phase Co-ordinator, gave a presentation about the nature of international research infrastructures on Thursday 22 March. ELIXIR presented a poster in the global...Read more
Posted: Tue 13 March 2012

BioMedBridges kick-off meeting

BioMedBridges is an FP7-funded cluster project that will bring together the ESFRI Research Infrastructures in the Biological and Medical Sciences (BMS). BioMedBridges formally started on 1 January 2012 and over the duration of the four-year of the project will play...Read more
Posted: Wed 22 February 2012

Israel becomes eleventh Member State to join ELIXIR

Israel recently becase the eleventh Member State to join ELIXIR when it signed a Memorandum of Understanding to formally participate in the project.Read more
Posted: Tue 21 February 2012

First edition of Informed, the new eNewsletter for ELIXIR

Please register here to subscribe to the mailing list of Informed , which is the new eNewsletter for ELIXIR. Informed will be published quarterly and will keep you up to date with the latest news and developments relating to the...Read more
Posted: Thu 19 January 2012


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