The EOSC-Life project develops an open collaborative space for digital biology in Europe

The 13 ESFRI Research infrastructures in the Health and Food domain start the EOSC-Life project to create an open collaborative digital space for life science in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). Life science research directly addresses key societal challenges...Read more
Posted: Mon 4 March 2019

ELIXIR-EXCELERATE helps to uncover human microbiome

The computational methods and analysis platform developed by the ELIXIR Marine Metagenomics Community helped identify unknown bacteria in the human gut. The team of researchers from EMBL’s European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) and the Wellcome Sanger Institute identified almost 2000 previously...Read more
Posted: Fri 8 February 2019

Orphadata selected as ELIXIR Core Data Resource

Orphadata, a platform to aggregate rare disease datasets from Orphanet database, has joined the list of ELIXIR Core Data Resources, a set of data resources of fundamental importance for life science research. The ELIXIR Core Data Resources serve as a...Read more
Posted: Tue 29 January 2019

FAIRplus sets out to improve data sharing and reuse in life science research

The FAIRplus project has kicked-off to improve data management and data governance in European health research. The project aims to increase the discovery, accessibility and reusability of data from selected projects funded by the EU’s Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI), and...Read more
Posted: Thu 31 January 2019

ELIXIR Finland showcases its impact on research and innovation

New publication demonstrates how ELIXIR Finland, operated by CSC – IT Center for Science, supports life science research, biotechnological innovation and its translation into the knowledge economy. The publication features 19 user case stories, presenting the full breadth of infrastructure...Read more
Posted: Thu 13 December 2018

ELIXIR announces initial portfolio of Recommended Interoperability Resources

ELIXIR has today announced its first portfolio of Recommended Interoperability Resources (RIRs) to facilitate interoperability and reusability of life science data and support the principles of FAIR data management. The Recommended Interoperability Resources have been selected by external panel of...Read more
Posted: Wed 12 December 2018

GA4GH and ELIXIR Release V1.0.0 of Beacon API with increased security measures

HINXTON, UK (19 October 2018) — ELIXIR and the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) have announced the release of the first genomic data interoperability standard from the GA4GH 2018 Strategic Roadmap. The Beacon API v1 is a data...Read more
Posted: Mon 16 July 2018

Tackling the bioinformatics skills gap worldwide

ELIXIR joined CODATA and RDA to organise an international summer school in research data science. There is a vast array of technologies and techniques that help scientists process and analyse the ever growing volumes of research data. Along with the...Read more
Posted: Mon 8 October 2018

ELIXIR steps up its activities in global bioinformatics collaboration

ELIXIR has today presented the update of its International Strategy. The document describes the current international (i.e. beyond Europe) activities of ELIXIR, setting out the key partners for global collaboration in bioinformatics service provision. For the first time, ELIXIR’s activities...Read more
Posted: Wed 12 September 2018

Call for new members of the ELIXIR Industry Advisory Committee

The ELIXIR Board is inviting candidates from life science companies to join the ELIXIR Industry Advisory Committee (IAC). Given the current distribution of expertise within the committee applications are particularly encouraged from experts representing sectors of commercial provision of HPC...Read more
Posted: Fri 7 September 2018

Greece joins ELIXIR

Greece is the latest country to join the ELIXIR Infrastructure. The signature of the ELIXIR Consortium Agreement by Professor Kostas Fotakis, Alternate Minister of Research and Innovation, has been announced this week during the European Conference for Computational Biology (ECCB)...Read more
Posted: Sun 9 September 2018

ELIXIR teams up with The Carpentries to boost its training programme

ELIXIR and The Carpentries initiative, a merged organization of Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry, have agreed to extend their collaboration in organising and delivering training in ELIXIR Nodes. As part of the collaboration, The Carpentries will organise close to 20...Read more
Posted: Fri 17 August 2018

ELIXIR publishes its 2017 Annual Report

ELIXIR has released its Annual Report for 2017, presenting the major achievements last year and highlighting the effort of over 650 experts from 21 ELIXIR Nodes. It shows the progress of ELIXIR Platforms, Use Cases and ELIXIR Nodes in meeting...Read more
Posted: Wed 4 July 2018

Cyprus becomes ELIXIR Observer

Cyprus has today joined ELIXIR as an Observer country, following the ELIXIR Board’s approval of its application during an extraordinary Board meeting in Barcelona on 2 July. The ELIXIR Node in Cyprus is currently under development; the Node is envisaged...Read more
Posted: Mon 2 July 2018

BRENDA and SILVA named ELIXIR Core Data Resources

BRENDA and SILVA , two biological databases operated by ELIXIR Germany , have joined the list of ELIXIR Core Data Resources critically important for life science research. The ELIXIR Core Data Resources serve as a mark of the highest quality...Read more
Posted: Fri 22 June 2018 and help establish global standards for citation of biomedical data

Key element in long term and consistent data citation and identification EMBL-EBI has established as a stable system for identification and citation of life science data, using Persistent Identifiers (PIDs). not only enables researchers to easily reference their...Read more
Posted: Tue 8 May 2018

ELIXIR Hub announces new Industry Officer and Compute Platform Coordinator

ELIXIR pleased to announce the appointment of Katharina Lauer as new Industry Officer and Jonathan Tedds as Technical Coordinator of the Compute Platform. Katharina Lauer Taking up the role of ELIXIR Industry Officer, Katharina Lauer will lead the development and...Read more
Posted: Mon 9 April 2018

ELIXIR Hub Strengthens its Technical Coordinators team

ELIXIR is pleased to announce three new appointments to strengthen the coordination capacity within the ELIXIR Hub. The three new members will work as Technical Coordinators for two ELIXIR Platforms (Tools and Interoperability) and the ELIXIR Human Data Use Case...Read more
Posted: Fri 23 March 2018

ELIXIR report highlights the importance of public bioinformatics data to SMEs

ELIXIR maps for the first time how small and medium companies rely on public bioinformatics data for their business ELIXIR has today published a report that describes the use of public bioinformatics data by Small to Medium-sized Companies (SMEs) in...Read more
Posted: Thu 22 March 2018

ELIXIR publishes its Horizon Europe Position Paper

ELIXIR has today published its Position Paper on the Ninth Framework Programme (FP9), also referred to as Horizon Europe. In the paper, we make a series of recommendations as to what Horizon Europe should look like in relation to research...Read more
Posted: Thu 22 March 2018


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