Month-long visit of ELIXIR team to Australia

The ELIXIR team who travelled to Australia. Second left to right: Björn Grüning, Frederik Coppens, Paul De Geest, Katharina Heil, Helge Hecht, Laila Los, Helena Rasche, Saskia Hiltemann, Anthony Bretaudeau , Marie Josse, Krzysztof Poterlowicz, Katarzyna Kamieniecka and Alireza Heidari...Read more
Posted: Thu 7 September 2023

ELIXIR training team builds closer bioinformatics links with Brazil

In June 2023, members of ELIXIR Portugal and ELIXIR Switzerland visited Curitiba, Brazil, to collaborate on training in data management and Findable Accessible Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) data with Brazilian research and innovation organisations. The six-month project ran for the...Read more
Posted: Tue 29 August 2023

Call for two new members of the ELIXIR Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) - September 2023

The ELIXIR Board is inviting candidates from life science companies to join the ELIXIR Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) . Taking into consideration the current distribution of expertise within the committee, applications are particularly encouraged from experts in the fields of...Read more
Posted: Thu 6 July 2023

ELIXIR at the ISMB/ECCB 2023 in Lyon

On 23-27 July 2023, ELIXIR was in Lyon for ISMB/ECCB 2023 with more than a thousand bioinformaticians around the world. As a sponsor of the event, ELIXIR had a dedicated booth and hosted a track programme with NIH Office of...Read more
Posted: Wed 9 August 2023

ELIXIR’s role in shaping policy

Publicly funded research infrastructures, such as ELIXIR, enable the creation of scientific knowledge and drive innovation. Due to both the substantial public investment necessary for their creation and maintenance, and the significance of their contribution to the scientific community, research...Read more
Posted: Mon 10 July 2023

ELIXIR Director recruitment opens

The position of ELIXIR Director is open for applications, with the process overseen by a Director Search Committee on behalf of the ELIXIR Board and with the support of the executive search firm Perrett Laver. Details of the position and...Read more
Posted: Fri 30 June 2023

ELIXIR releases 2022 Annual Report

ELIXIR has published its Annual Report for 2022, showcasing the major achievements of over 800 experts from 22 ELIXIR Nodes last year. The report presents the progress towards the strategic objectives of the Scientific Programme for 2019-2023 and highlights ELIXIR’s...Read more
Posted: Thu 22 June 2023

ELIXIR and the Australian BioCommons announce extension of collaboration strategy to 2028

ELIXIR, the European life science data infrastructure, has renewed its collaboration strategy with Australian BioCommons, its Australian counterpart. Both organisations work to further open access to resources to understand the molecular basis of life and have been collaborating for many...Read more
Posted: Mon 19 June 2023

Dublin hosts ELIXIR community for All Hands 2023

Dublin, with its seminal early contributions to bioinformatics, served as an ideal host for the ninth ELIXIR All Hands meeting. The event brought 382 in-person guests and 114 remote attendees to the Dublin Convention Centre between 5-8 June. An important...Read more
Posted: Thu 15 June 2023

ELIXIR expands biodiversity activities with new Community

ELIXIR has launched a new Biodiversity Community to advance the life science data infrastructure’s support for biodiversity research. The Community brings together experts across ELIXIR with external partners to coordinate activities and build on ELIXIR’s existing biodiversity portfolio. Protecting and...Read more
Posted: Fri 26 May 2023

ELIXIR industry event: machine learning and AI in life science research

ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum: AI in health research On 13 April, ELIXIR and ELIXIR Netherlands held an Innovation and SME Forum focusing on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in health research with more than 60 participants from industry...Read more
Posted: Thu 27 April 2023

Austria joins ELIXIR as Observer

Austria has joined ELIXIR as an Observer, following approval by the ELIXIR Board on 17 April 2023. The ELIXIR Node in Austria will now begin to be established. ELIXIR Nodes bring together organisations that provide bioinformatics services, such as universities...Read more
Posted: Fri 28 April 2023

ELIXIR Director announces departure at end of current Scientific Programme

Niklas Blomberg, Director of ELIXIR since its formation in 2013, announced this week that he will be stepping down from the role at the end of 2023, coinciding with the completion of the 2019-23 Scientific Programme. Niklas leaves to take...Read more
Posted: Fri 21 April 2023

Taking stock – the ELIXIR innovation and industry programme

Interactions with industry have been a key part of ELIXIR since the infrastructure was launched in 2013. Nearly ten years on, we reflect on how the ELIXIR industry programme has evolved and its impact so far. As a publicly-funded infrastructure,...Read more
Posted: Fri 14 April 2023

ELIXIR and BBMRI-ERIC announce strategic collaboration

ELIXIR, the European life science data infrastructure, and BBMRI-ERIC, the European research infrastructure for biobanking and biomolecular resources, have announced a strategic collaboration with the signing of a joint statement . The organisations share a commitment to bridging the gap...Read more
Posted: Wed 29 March 2023

Highlights of ELIXIR-supported publications in 2022

One hundred and forty five peer-reviewed papers and preprints resulting from activities funded by ELIXIR were published in the last calendar year. As a research infrastructure, the activities that ELIXIR funds yield a diverse range of publications. Here we explore...Read more
Posted: Thu 16 March 2023

Building European capacity in single-cell omics

A six-month staff exchange, funded by ELIXIR, has been successful in building capacity for single-cell analysis in ELIXIR’s Czech Node. Pavel Ostasov, a postdoc from Charles University in the Czech Republic, travelling to Imperial College London (ICL) in the UK...Read more
Posted: Fri 3 March 2023

Improving the FAIRification of human copy number variation information

A 24-month project involving ten ELIXIR Nodes has led to improved standardisation of the storage and analysis of human copy number variation (hCNV) data. hCNVs are repeated sections of the genome which vary between individuals and have been found to...Read more
Posted: Thu 23 February 2023

Measuring the impact of ELIXIR’s training

As a distributed infrastructure, ELIXIR’s training provision is spread throughout ELIXIR’s 22 Nodes. The training aims to enhance data and software skills in the life sciences, for example building expertise in data management, tools, workflows and standards. There are many...Read more
Posted: Mon 30 January 2023

ELIXIR launches two new Communities: Systems Biology and Single-Cell Omics

Two new Communities have been formed in ELIXIR, representing the fields of systems biology and single-cell omics. Systems biology aims to understand how biological functions emerge from interactions between the multiple components of living systems, whereas single-cell omics is a...Read more
Posted: Wed 18 January 2023


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