ELIXIR in the news

ELIXIR and partners regularly feature in press articles, newsletters and online features of publications and newsletters from collaborators. A list of the these is below. 

European Project Aims to Develop Tools, Guidelines to Improve Data Sharing, Access

News article about the IMI project FAIRplus, coordinated by ELIXIR. The article presents the project activities and goals, highlighting the societal and scientific impact of systematic reuse of life science data. Published on GenomeWeb on 26 April 2019 (paywall).

Expanded GA4GH-ELIXIR Partnership Focuses on New European Beacons, Sharing Clinical Data

Announcement of the extended collaboration between ELIXIR and Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH), GenomeWeb, 13 January 2017 (paywall).

Interview with Serena Scollen

Serena Scollen, ELIXIR's Head of Human Genomics and Translational Data, gave an interview to DNADigest,  a non-for-profit organisation to promote and enable open access and sharing of genomics data. The interview has been also published in the blog of the BioData World Congress (26-27 October 2016), where Serena presented ELIXIR's human data activities.

Slovenia joins European life science research network

Report from the launch event of ELIXIR Slovenia in Slovenia times (21 September 2016).

Op der Uni zu Belval: biomedezinesch Donnéeën zu Lëtzebuerg

TV news to announce the membership of Luxembourg in ELIXIR, RTL.lu channel (in Luxembourgish and German). 18 August 2016.

Ireland to get access to European life sciences data through ELIXIR

News article to announce the membership  of Ireland in ELIXIR, Silicon Republic, 28 July 2016.

ELIXIR - keeping data flowing

An interview with Niklas Blomberg, the ELIXIR Director for Systembiologie.de (Issue 10, June 2016, international edition, p. 28-29), the magazine for Systems Biology research in Germany.

Dealing with data

An interview with Niklas Blomberg, the ELIXIR Director for the Horizon 2020 projects - portal (Issue 9, January 2016).

España ya forma parte de ELIXIR, un proyecto europeo de bioinformática

News article in La Vanguardia (Spain), announcing the membership of Spain in ELIXIR, 23 November 2015.

Científicos urgen a desatascar papeleo para entrar en proyecto europeo ELIXIR

News article in La Vanguardia (Spain), 14 August 2015 (in Spanish).

DNAdigest interviews ELIXIR

Niklas Blomberg, the ELIXIR Director, gave an interview to DNADigest,  a non-for-profit organisation to promote and enable open access and sharing of genomics data. 

Bioinformatics research infrastructures

ELIXIR Sweden and ELIXIR presented in Pan European Networks - Science and Technology (Issue 16, September 2015).

ELIXIR Set for Implementation Following EU Funding Announcement

ELIXIR-EXCELERATE grant presented in GenomeWeb, a US based online news magazine. In the article, Andrew Smith, ELIXIR Hub External Relations Manager, presents the EXCELERATE project and gives an overview of ELIXIR's goals and activities. Paywall access.

Single sign on for life sciences - ELIXIR and eduGAIN

ELIXIR is featured in an article in the May 2014 edition of GEANT's CONNECT magazine, which is available here. In the article, Dr Tommi Nyronen, the Head of Node for ELIXIR Finland, explains more about the concept of single sign on for sensitive biomedical data, which has been an early ELIXIR Pilot between CSC in Finland the the European Genome phenome Archive (EGA) run from EMBL-EBI.

Geant CONNECT magazine

Interview with Tommi Nyrönen, Head of ELIXIR Finland, on single sign on for biomedical community from this edition of the GEANT CONNECT magazine.

Swedish Curie magazine

Article in Swedish on ELIXIR and big data available from the Curie magazine.