Largest ever 3D-BioInfo Community Annual General Meeting

The ELIXIR 3D-BioInfo Community in structural bioinformatics held its third Annual General Meeting in November 2021. Taking place over three afternoons, the virtual gathering attracted 500 registrants in total and as many as 300 participants for some sessions. The 3D-BioInfo...Read more
Posted: Wed 23 February 2022

Call for one new member of the ELIXIR Industry Advisory Committee (IAC)

The ELIXIR Board is inviting candidates from life science companies to join the ELIXIR Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) . Taking into consideration the current distribution of expertise within the committee, applications are particularly encouraged from experts in the fields of...Read more
Posted: Tue 1 February 2022

29 new projects funded by ELIXIR

ELIXIR has provided €5.1 million in funding to 29 new projects that launched 1 January 2022. These projects, called ‘Commissioned Services’ are varied in scope and theme, but all aim to provide funding and a method to advance ELIXIR services,...Read more
Posted: Tue 1 February 2022

ELIXIR welcomes four new Platform Leads

We are pleased to announce four new ELIXIR Platform Leads who will be taking up their roles from January 2022. We welcome the new additions and thank those standing down for their contributions over the years. Each of ELIXIR’s five...Read more
Posted: Thu 16 December 2021

Celebrating three years of the Data Stewardship Wizard

The Data Stewardship Wizard (DSW) resource has recently celebrated its third anniversary since the first v1.0 release. Initially conceived through a mind-map of data management topics, a questionnaire system and a collaboration between ELIXIR Netherlands and ELIXIR Czech Republic, the...Read more
Posted: Mon 13 December 2021

ELIXIR-CONVERGE receives second uplift for COVID-19 variant surveillance

The ELIXIR-CONVERGE project has received a €2 million uplift from the European Commission (EC). The new funding aims to mobilise SARS-CoV-2 variant surveillance data tracking services and tools to feed the European COVID-19 Data Platform . In 2020, the EC...Read more
Posted: Tue 7 December 2021

ELIXIR Hub welcomes four new members of staff

As the ELIXIR Hub project portfolio expands, we are delighted to announce the appointment of four members of staff at the ELIXIR Hub, all taking on newly created roles to support the organisational backbone of ELIXIR. Andrea Troncoso - Project...Read more
Posted: Thu 25 November 2021

The first hybrid BioHackathon Europe

The first ever hybrid BioHackathon Europe was held 8 - 12 November in Barcelona, Spain and welcomed 154 face-to-face and 172 virtual participants. Working collaboratively over tables, screens and time zones on 37 projects, new data, features and friendships were...Read more
Posted: Thu 18 November 2021

ELIXIR's TeSS goes down under

A new registry for training materials, events, and trainers, has been launched in Australia. Digital Research Skills Australia ( DReSA ) is directly modelled on the highly successful, international ELIXIR Training e-Support System ( TeSS ) platform. This launch is...Read more
Posted: Thu 14 October 2021

BY-COVID: A new EU project coordinated by ELIXIR

A new EU funded project coordinated by ELIXIR has been launched today. BY-COVID is a €12million Horizon Europe project striving to tackle the data challenges that can hinder effective pandemic response. This interdisciplinary project involves 53 project partners from across...Read more
Posted: Wed 13 October 2021

First hybrid Innovation and SME Forum hosted at [BC]2 Conference

The first ever hybrid ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum was hosted by the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics at their [BC] 2 Basel Computational Biology Conference. This event explored the technological advancements in the field of personalised medicine, with a focus...Read more
Posted: Tue 9 November 2021

ELIXIR launches a new Food and Nutrition Community

ELIXIR is tackling a novel discipline by establishing a new ELIXIR Food and Nutrition Community. This Community will bring together experts from across Europe who will drive the development of new guidelines and standards for researchers and developers who are...Read more
Posted: Wed 8 September 2021

New report shows open data is at the heart of innovation

Open access life science resources such as data and software, are fundamental for breakthrough discoveries, scientific excellence and entrepreneurial endeavours. Seventy-six percent of companies surveyed in our newest report “Open data: a driving force for innovation in the life sciences”...Read more
Posted: Thu 29 July 2021

B1MG enables European knowledge exchange on genomic medicine programmes

Over the last four months, B1MG project partners virtually visited three countries with well-established genomic medicine programmes: the UK, Estonia and Finland. The visits aimed to better understand how to implement genomic medicine in healthcare across Europe. They also promoted...Read more
Posted: Tue 10 August 2021

Towards better findability: Bioschemas meets

On 7 July 2021, included five Bioschemas types for representing life sciences data in its latest release. This update signifies an important step towards developing web markup in the life sciences. It will improve the findability of many web...Read more
Posted: Thu 8 July 2021

Statement of condolences for Professor Jaroslav Koča

It is with great sadness that ELIXIR announces the passing of Prof Jaroslav Koča. Jaroslav was a distinguished figure of Czech science and structural biology. He represented the Czech Republic in the ELIXIR Board for almost seven years and was...Read more
Posted: Wed 7 July 2021

ELIXIR funds seven new life science data projects

Seven new Community-led Implementation Studies were launched on 1 June 2021 covering a diverse range of topics across a variety of life science disciplines. Collectively these projects were awarded €1.5 million, funded through ELIXIR’s Core budget, and will run until...Read more
Posted: Fri 25 June 2021

ELIXIR’s largest ever community meeting

For the second year, the ELIXIR All Hands meeting has taken place virtually. With over 500 registered attendees and 24 guests from as far as Australia and the United States, ELIXIR has turned the constraint of lockdowns and a ban...Read more
Posted: Fri 18 June 2021

Exploring and monitoring COVID-19 variants with Galaxy

Galaxy Europe has developed a pipeline to automatically create COVID-19 variant information and statistics from raw sequencing data generated by COVID-19 Genomics UK Consortium (COG-UK). The results are used to create simple and interactive visualisations so that everyone can explore...Read more
Posted: Fri 7 May 2021

ELIXIR Hub welcomes three new members of staff

We are delighted to announce the appointment of three new members of staff at the ELIXIR Hub. Peter Maccallum joins as the new Chief Technical Officer, and Katharina Heil as the new Communities Coordinator. Melissa Konopko joins us in a...Read more
Posted: Thu 1 April 2021


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