New version of ELIXIR Handbook of Operations

ELIXIR has published version 7 of its Handbook of Operations . The Handbook acts as a single reference point for ELIXIR’s operational structure, including standard procedures and processes. Version 1 was released in 2016, and this latest version is the...Read more
Posted: Thu 23 May 2024

New Domestic Animals Genome and Phenome Focus Group

A new ELIXIR Focus Group has been created in the area of domestic animal genomics and phenomics research. The group will promote and align tools, databases, standards and best practices, and consider the case for the formation of an ELIXIR...Read more
Posted: Wed 22 May 2024

ELIXIR supports operations of two Infrastructure Services

ELIXIR has announced over 350,000 Euros to support two key life science “Infrastructure Services” from April 2024 until the end of 2026. Infrastructure Service funding is reserved for stable ELIXIR services with activities such as operations, maintenance and governance which...Read more
Posted: Fri 10 May 2024

Three new Focus Groups to advance professional careers and pathogen data sharing

ELIXIR welcomes three new Focus Groups: Learning Paths, Professionalising Careers in Research Infrastructures and Pathogens Data. ELIXIR Focus Groups are time-limited groups bringing people together around a particular topic, typically to address emerging areas of interest. Focus Groups are open...Read more
Posted: Fri 19 April 2024

ELIXIR welcomes two new Communities - Research Data Management and Microbiome

Two new Communities have been formed in ELIXIR: Research Data Management (RDM) and Microbiome. ELIXIR Communities bring together experts across ELIXIR Nodes and external partners to coordinate activities within specific areas. The addition of two Communities brings the number to...Read more
Posted: Tue 2 April 2024

Tim Hubbard starts as ELIXIR Director

Today, 1 March 2024, the ELIXIR Hub welcomes Tim Hubbard in his new role as ELIXIR Director. Andy Smith remains Interim Director until 31 May, with responsibilities gradually transitioning to Tim. Tim joins ELIXIR from King's College London where he...Read more
Posted: Fri 1 March 2024

ELIXIR and BioNT collaborate to support better targeted bioinformatics training

An ELIXIR-funded collaboration with the Bio Network for Training (BioNT) has resulted in a report on digital skills training demand and guidelines covering training delivery. These outputs will help target future bioinformatics training to areas of greatest need and boost...Read more
Posted: Fri 23 February 2024

Eight new projects funded by ELIXIR

ELIXIR has launched eight projects addressing the scientific and technological ambitions of its new Scientific Programme for 2024 to 2028. Further projects covering the Programme’s Node and people development objectives will be launched later this year. The projects were launched...Read more
Posted: Fri 2 February 2024

Launch of ELIXIR-STEERS - enhancing research software management in life science

Today, ELIXIR announces the start of the EU-funded ELIXIR-STEERS project, a three-year initiative with a budget of €4M. The project is a collaboration between all ELIXIR Nodes, encompassing 36 institutes across 23 countries, plus EMBL-EBI. It aims to enhance large-scale,...Read more
Posted: Thu 1 February 2024

Facilitating conversations on trusted research environments with industry

Autumn 2023 was busy for the ELIXIR industry programme: the annual ELIXIR Bioinformatics and Industry Forum (EBIF) was held in London in November and ELIXIR presented at two industry conferences, BioTechX and Bio-IT World . The main focus of the...Read more
Posted: Thu 18 January 2024

New co-leads for ELIXIR scientific priority areas

Following release of the ELIXIR Scientific Programme 2024-28, co-leads for two of the three scientific priority areas have been announced. The third priority, human data and translational research, is to be led by the ELIXIR Hub. The three scientific priority...Read more
Posted: Fri 12 January 2024

ELIXIR excels in research infrastructure monitoring exercise

ELIXIR’s performance has been commended in a monitoring exercise associated with its ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures) landmark status. ESFRI landmark status is conferred on reference research infrastructures considered pillars in the European Research Area landscape who offer...Read more
Posted: Fri 5 January 2024

ELIXIR announces new Core Data Resources and Recommended Interoperability Resources

ELIXIR has announced the life science data and interoperability resources joining its prestigious list of Core Data Resources, ELIXIR Deposition Databases, and Recommended Interoperability Resources. ELIXIR Core Data Resources are European life science data resources (deposition archives and knowledge bases)...Read more
Posted: Thu 14 December 2023

Celebrating ten years of ELIXIR

ELIXIR, the European life science data infrastructure, is ten years old this month. The infrastructure was launched on 18 December 2013 following the ratification of the ELIXIR Consortium Agreement by five countries and EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory). Over this...Read more
Posted: Tue 5 December 2023

ELIXIR publishes 2024-28 Scientific Programme

ELIXIR has published its new Scientific Programme, setting out the European life science data infrastructure’s vision for the coming five years. The Scientific Programme forms ELIXIR’s strategy and sets out its ambitions and goals until 2028. The ELIXIR Programme is...Read more
Posted: Mon 4 December 2023

Tim Hubbard to be new ELIXIR Director

The ELIXIR Board has appointed Tim Hubbard as the next ELIXIR Director. Tim brings a wealth of scientific, technical and management experience and is currently Professor of Bioinformatics in the Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics at King's College London,...Read more
Posted: Fri 1 December 2023

Hacking through BioHackathon Europe 2023

Bringing 350 bioinformaticians together, BioHackathon Europe 2023 kicked off on 30 October 2023 in Barcelona, Spain. Over the week, participants onsite and online worked collaboratively on 35 bioinformatics projects, ranging from genomic and health data to FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable...Read more
Posted: Thu 16 November 2023

Romania joins ELIXIR as Observer

Romania has joined ELIXIR as an Observer, following approval by the ELIXIR Board on 30 October 2023. Observer status enables the Romanian bioinformatics community to engage more deeply with other ELIXIR Nodes and facilitates transition towards full ELIXIR Membership, which...Read more
Posted: Mon 30 October 2023

Supporting the adoption of container services

A two-year ELIXIR-funded implementation study has made it easier for scientific computing centres to adopt and deploy container protocols and services. Containerisation is a technology that makes possible the reproducible execution of software and workflows across diverse computing environments. Containers...Read more
Posted: Mon 23 October 2023

New toolkit for impact evaluation in research infrastructures

ELIXIR has released an Impact Toolkit providing practical guidance on the process of impact evaluation. Although primarily an internal guide for the ELIXIR community, the toolkit contains resources which may be of interest to those undertaking impact evaluation in a...Read more
Posted: Fri 6 October 2023


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