Mining the proteome: Enabling automated processing and analysis of large-scale proteomics data

The project developed robust and automated open analysis pipelines for MS/MS proteomics data (based on the OpenMS framework, including new quality control features) that can be deployed in a cloud environment and reused openly by the scientific community in the future. A feature of this project was the building of a Proteomics Community, bringing people together for a face-to-face meeting (March 2017) and a hackathon (Jan 2018). 

This is rapidly developing field with limited or non-existent standards in the technical platforms leading to a dgeree of instability (See F1000R paper). Details as to how these concerns might be addressed are set out in the end report

The outcome will be that an increased range of open proteomics tools will be included in an extended range of cloud infrastructures. Proteomics data from the PRIDE Archive database was used in a pilot project to demonstrate the usefulness of the resource. The result being an increased facility for proteomics analysis using pipelines deployed across multiple cloud platforms. 

Other Implementation Studies:

Webinar summarising the outcome

(Rec. April 2018); see also the slides .


1 January 2017 to 30 June 2018

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