Commissioned Services starting before 2024

See the main Commissioned Services page for the Commissioned Services that started from 2024.

ELIXIR's Commissioned Services are technical projects that guide future service development, drive standards adoption and connect ELIXIR Nodes (see Who we are).

They are funded through the budget of the ELIXIR Hub and form part of our ongoing activities in a particular Platform or Community. They are proposed by Platforms, agreed with the ELIXIR Heads of Nodes committee and approved by the ELIXIR Board.

If you want to publish work related to these projects, see How to publish ELIXIR-related work and How to acknowledge ELIXIR funding and support.

If you are involved in a Commissioned Service, see the Commission Services Guidelines.

Name of study Platform/Community
Extending open proteomics data analysis pipelines in the cloud: Additional tools and focus on scalability, supporting the dramatic growth of public proteomics data Data, Compute, Tools, Proteomics
Crowd-sourcing the annotation of public proteomics datasets to improve data reusability Proteomics
Annotation and curation of human genomic variations (2018-Variations) Human Data, Compute, Data, Interoperability
FAIRification of Genomic Tracks Human Data, Interoperability
Metabolite Identification Metabolomics, Data, Interoperability, Tools
Integrating reference taxonomic databases for metabarcoding and metagenomics identification Data, Marine Metagenomics
Bioschemas: Community Adoption and Training Interoperability
Increasing Interoperability between ELIXIR Protein Structure and Sequence Resources and Expanding these Resources with 3D-Models of CATH Domains, built by SWISS-MODEL Data, Interoperability, Human Data, 3D-BioInfo
FAIRness of the current ELIXIR Core resources: Application (and test) of newly available FAIR metrics, and identification of steps to increase interoperability (2018-FAIRCDR) Data, Interoperability, Training, Rare Diseases
Integration and standardization of intrinsically disordered protein data (2018-IDPs) Data, Interoperability, Intrinsically Disordered Proteins
Apple as a Model for Genomic Information Exchange Data, Plant Sciences
Establishment of an ELIXIR Contextual Data Clearinghouse Data, Marine Metagenomics
Developing learning paths for users of ELIXIR services Training
Data Validation Interoperability, Tools, Human Data, Plant Sciences, Galaxy, Metabolomics, Marine Metagenomics
Compatible Cloud Analysis Platform Compute
Architecture for Software Containers at ELIXIR and its use by EXCELERATE Use Case Communities Tools, Compute, Training, Human Data, Rare Diseases
Beacon and Beacon Network as a Service Human Data
Towards Data Stewardship in ELIXIR: Training and Portal Training
Enabling the reuse, extension, scaling, and reproducibility of scientific workflows (2018-cwl) Interoperability, Compute, Tools, Training, Galaxy
Integrating ELIXIR Italy into ELIXIR activities Data, Human Data, Interoperability, Tools, Marine Metagenomics
ELIXIR proof of concept study on the availability of big datasets on remote compute infrastructure Compute, Training, Galaxy
ELIXIR integration from a user perspective Training, Tools, Marine Metagenomics, Plant Sciences, Rare Diseases, Galaxy, Metabolomics
Using clouds and VMs for bioinformatics training Training, Compute, Galaxy
Integrating ELIXIR Luxembourg into ELIXIR activities Human Data, Compute
Interpretation of phenotypic and genotypic variation for rare diseases in terms of biological pathways Rare Diseases
Visualization of aligned genomics data for rare diseases (RD-Connect) as a driver for real-time access of controlled data at the EGA Rare Diseases
Mining the proteome: Enabling automated processing and analysis of large-scale proteomics data Data
Towards a distributed Ensembl Data
A microbial metabolism resource for Systems Biology Data, Microbial Biotechnology
AAI production Compute