Events organised by ELIXIR and its Nodes (see Who we are). These are supplied by TeSS, ELIXIR's training and events portal.

This page shows forthcoming events and events in progress. For past events see Past meetings and conferences and Past webinars.

Name Start date Location
ELIXIR Webinar: Increasing Interoperability between ELIXIR Protein Structure and Sequence Resources 18 September 2019
Introduction to Next Generation Sequencing 23 September 2019 Cambridge United Kingdom
Next Generation Sequencing Bioinformatics 23 September 2019 Cambridge United Kingdom
NBIS course (prel.): Python programming with applications to bioinformatics 23 September 2019
RNA-seq: From quality control to pathway analysis 23 September 2019 Bern Switzerland
Multiple biofluid and tissue types, from sample preparation to analysis strategies for metabolomics 25 September 2019 Birmingham United Kingdom
First Steps with UNIX in Life Sciences 25 September 2019 Lausanne Switzerland
4th Disease Maps Community Meeting - DMCM2019 2 October 2019 Sevilla Spain
ELIXIR Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) autumn TC 2 October 2019
First steps with R in Life Sciences 8 October 2019 Lausanne Switzerland
Exploring Biological Sequences 8 October 2019 Cambridge United Kingdom
ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum: Connecting Distributed Data - The (Health) Data Train 10 October 2019 Utrecht Netherlands
NBIS-SIB collaborative course: single-cell transcriptomics 13 October 2019
Joint SIB / SciLifeLab Autumn School Single Cell 13 October 2019 Leysin Switzerland
Introduction to RNA-Seq 21 October 2019 Basel Switzerland
Analysis of High-Throughput Sequencing Data 21 October 2019 Cambridge United Kingdom
Genomic Data for Surveillance of Communicable Disease 21 October 2019 Cambridge United Kingdom
Best practices in programming 2019 5 November 2019 Basel Switzerland
Bioinformatics & Functional Genomics in Zebrafish 11 November 2019 Cambridge United Kingdom
NBIS course (pre.): R programming for Life Scientists 11 November 2019
Constraint-based modelling: introduction and advanced topics 18 November 2019 Leiden University Netherlands
ELIXIR Board meeting (Harpenden, UK) 18 November 2019 Harpenden United Kingdom
Python for Life Scientists 18 November 2019 tbd Switzerland
Bioinformatics for Plant Biology 18 November 2019 Cambridge United Kingdom
NBIS course (prel.): De novo Genome Assembly 19 November 2019
NBIS course (prel.): Reproducible Research 19 November 2019
ELIXIR Innovation and SME Forum 27 November 2019 Milan Italy
Single-cell RNA-Seq Analysis 28 November 2019 Bern Switzerland
Statistics for Life Scientists 2 December 2019 Basel Switzerland
ELIXIR Heads of Nodes Teleconference 5 December 2019
NBIS/SciLifeLab course: Introduction to Bioinformatics using NGS data 9 December 2019
Intermediate R 9 December 2019 Basel Switzerland
NBIS course: RNAseq 10 December 2019
High Performance Computing (HPC) in Life Sciences: Vital-IT Infrastructure Training 12 December 2019 Lausanne Switzerland
FAIRplus Innovation and SME Forum 29 January 2020 United Kingdom
ELIXIR Scientific Advisory Board meeting 2020 11 February 2020 Hinxton United Kingdom
Thirteenth ELIXIR Board meeting (Hinxton) 29 April 2020 Hinxton United Kingdom
SAB Summer Teleconference 2020 24 June 2020