Past webinars

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Name Date
ELIXIR Webinar: Data Validation 15 May 2019
ELIXIR Webinar: RD Connect 16 January 2019
GA4GH and ELIXIR webinar: Using the GA4GH toolkit: Beacon API V1.0.0 for genomic data discovery 15 November 2018
ELIXIR Webinar: ELIXIR-SL eLearning Platform 19 September 2018
ELIXIR Webinar: WikiData 20 June 2018
ELIXIR Webinar on the Systems Biology Implementation Study 13 June 2018
ELIXIR Webinar: The ELIXIR Recommended Interoperability Resource (RIR) application process 11 June 2018
ELIXIR Webinar: Access to Sensitive Human Data with the ELIXIR AAI 23 May 2018
ELIXIR Webinar on the Sustainability Implementation Study 16 May 2018
ELIXIR Webinar on the 2017-Proteome Implementation Study 11 April 2018
ELIXIR Webinar on the Equal Opportunities Strategy 14 March 2018
ELIXIR Webinar: de.NBI Cloud Integration to ELIXIR AAI 7 March 2018
ELIXIR Webinar on the MoldatainRD Implementation Study 21 February 2018
ELIXIR Webinar: Requirements in data protection law and the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implementation 7 February 2018
ELIXIR Webinar: Visualisation of rare disease genomics data 17 January 2018
ELIXIR Webinar: Improvements to Ensembl 20 December 2017
ELIXIR Webinar: Process for the selection of ELIXIR Core Data Resources 6 December 2017
ELIXIR Webinar: Referencing of Data Using Identifiers 15 November 2017
ELIXIR Webinar: The transfer of large volumes of electronic, confidential, human data 13 November 2017
ELIXIR Webinar: Overview of a suite of tools and training material for implementing FAIR data principles 18 October 2017
ELIXIR Webinar: The ELIXIR Core Data Resources - selection process and outcomes 20 September 2017
ELIXIR Webinar: OmicsDI-Integrating Multiple Omics Repositories 16 August 2017
Webinar on ELIXIR engagement with industry 19 July 2017
ELIXIR Webinar on CEDAR 21 June 2017
ELIXIR Webinar on Biosharing 17 May 2017
ELIXIR Webinar on the first Beacon study 19 April 2017
ELIXIR Webinar on Bioconda and BioContainers 15 March 2017
ELIXIR Webinar: Introduction to TeSS, ELIXIR's Training Portal 15 February 2017
Webinar 'How to get the most out of your microarray experiment' 14 February 2017
ELIXIR Webinar on joint feasibility project with OncoTrack 18 January 2017