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Protein structures: production, prowess, power, promises, and problems

In the right hands, protein structures are a ‘power’ful tool to answer bio-molecular questions. Knowledge of the structure is a pre-requisite for rational drug design, for biotechnology, for chemical biology, and for answering a whole series of biomedical questions. In… The post Protein structures: production, prowess, power, promises, and problems appeared first on Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences.

Elixir-IIB/NETTAB Tutorial on Biological Networks: data analysis, visualization and medical application

Participants in the course will be introduced to protein-protein interactions, biochemical reactions and causal interactions field. During the course the participants will be exposed to the literature curation principles and methods. In addition, there will be a session dedicated to common standards and ontologies adopted to describe data retrieved from the literature in a formalized manner. A large number of molecular interaction resources and methodologies to analyze them will be introduced during hand-on sessions.

Working with Python: functions and modules

This course will cover concepts and strategies for working more effectively with Python with the aim of writing reusable code. In the morning session, we will briefly go over the basic syntax, data structures and control statements. This will be followed by an introduction to writing user-defined functions. We will finish the course by looking into how to incorporate existing python modules and packages into your programs as well as writing you own modules.


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