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We often explain and communicate the impact of work funded by, and through, ELIXIR using categories (or areas) of impact. Use the below accordion menus to learn about these categories and also to search our collection of examples.

If you are part of ELIXIR, you can access numerous resources related to performance and impact evaluation through the Impact Focus Group.

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Literally any activity done under the umbrella of ELIXIR can be attached to one or more of these impact categories:

  • Benefits of working together: (also known as relationship capital), we facilitate knowledge-sharing and cooperation.
  • Bioinformatics resource uptake: we work to increase their usage and appreciation by users.
  • Equal opportunity: we raise awareness of diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Policy influence: we ensure that policy-makers are aware of the benefits of Open (FAIR) Science.
  • Public awareness: we raise the public's awareness of bioinformatics and open science, including their socio-economic benefits.
  • Research dissemination: our scientific legacy ensures increased awareness of developments related to research infrastructure and their resources.
  • Research efficiency: we make infrastructure, resources and processes faster, easier to use, and more integrated.
  • Research infrastructure sustainability: we work to increase its visibility and appreciation by funders.
  • Skills development: (also known as human capital), we foster better skills for users and service providers.

Visual versions of the above definitions are freely available for use in presentations, reports and any other media, and can be cited as Martin et al. (2021).

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ELIXIR SME and Innovation events increase the awareness/appreciation of public bioinformatics resources by private sector users (industry), along with better two-way cross-sectoral understanding. These events also offer networking opportunities for academia and industry (especially in the country hosting the event), which may lead to collaborations and projects.
(Event, 2 July 2019)
Impact category:
This event provided impact evaluation skills to those undertaking case studies as part of the ELIXIR-funded Strategic Implementation Study on Impact.
(Event, 20 October 2021)
Impact category: Skills development
The annual meet-up for the broader ELIXIR community, to assess progress on ELIXIR-funded work, coordinate activities, network, exchange knowledge, and present service-related research findings
(Event, 12 December 2019)
Impact category:
This workshop built capacity of ELIXIR Nodes in better understanding, and communicating with, their key funder/policy-maker stakeholders, in support of their long-term sustainability.
(Event, 8 January 2021)
Impact category: Policy influence, Research infrastructure sustainability, Skills development
This preprint presents practical ways to measure the public value of a major ELIXIR-funded event, through three complementary approaches: survey-based, publication-based and GitHub-based measures.
Impact category: Benefits of working together, Bioinformatics resource uptake, Research dissemination, Research efficiency, Skills development
The ELIXIR SME and Innovation events aim to increase awareness and appreciation of public bioinformatics resources by private sector users (industry), along with promoting a better two-way cross-sectoral understanding.
(Event, 9 March 2021)
Impact category: Bioinformatics resource uptake, Research efficiency
ELIXIR is working to increase awareness of diversity and inclusiveness across its Member countries.
Impact category: Equal opportunities